Introducing Decathlon, proud partners of Camping Club Youth

Decathlon CTA 05.18At Decathlon, we do our utmost to provide you with the best quality products so that you can concentrate on improving your stride or scoring that extra goal. We start our product creation by observing users on the field, before our engineers design and develop it. We trial the product in laboratories to assess user safety and comfort and it’s then tested in real life conditions by sports users.

Our production team manufactures the product and we distribute it in our stores and online. It’s simple: if our users aren’t satisfied with our product, we refund the item. A proof of our quality is the fact that products scored less than 3 by our users are withdrawn from our stores to be improved.

Our commitment to you is to continuously lower our permanent prices to make camping accessible for the many with the same quality and technicality as always.

Thanks to the fact that our products are designed, produced and distributed by Decathlon, we seek continuous improvement in all processes across the product life chain to make savings, which are reflected in our prices in store and online.

This means lower prices for you, so that you can enjoy more sport.

Therefore, when you are planning your next camping trip, Decathlon will be able to provide you with all the camping equipment you need.

We have all the range available online and we offer camping equipment and accessories in all our 40 stores around the UK. 

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