60 Things to do This Summer

The summer is all about spending time in the great outdoors. We’ve teamed up with Bristol of Bailey and Lee Davey to celebrate our favourite time of year with 60 summer holiday activities.

Share your perfect summer day adventures using #100DaysOfSummer.

  1. Visit another countryRide a bike
  2. Ride a bike
  3. Kayaking
  4. Roller disco!
  5. Enjoy hot chocolate under the stars
  6. Wild swimming
  7. Visit an island
  8. Spend the weekend at the NFOL
  9. See what’s in the sea
  10. Surfing
  11. Spend a weekend away for less than £30
  12. Enter a Parkrun
  13. Visit a steam Fair
  14. Go Fishing
  15. Try Golf
  16. Visit a farm
  17. Go in a boat
  18. Go fishingMake a sandcastle
  19. Ride a horse
  20. Go on a bug hunt
  21. Do a 2 Minute Beach Clean
  22. Go stargazing
  23. Make Smores on a barbeque
  24. Go Geocaching
  25. Make a film
  26. Fly a kite
  27. Go camping
  28. Be a tourist in your own city
  29. Build a fort
  30. Create an outdoor scrapbook
  31. Host a sleepover
  32. Make your own ice cream
  33. Have a Scavenger hunt
  34. Go in a boatHave a dance party
  35. Go on an early morning walk
  36. Visit somewhere new
  37. Lay on the grass and watch the clouds
  38. Build an animal shelter
  39. Go blackberry foraging
  40. Catch your dinner
  41. Cycle a coastal path
  42. Visit a local festival
  43. Have breakfast in the woods
  44. Go on a nightwalk
  45. Light a campfire
  46. Make a raft
  47. Try canicrossing (you and your dog on a cross country run)
  48. Run a woodland
  49. Feed the birdsRide a horse
  50. Go trail biking
  51. Jump over waves
  52. Gather wildflowers
  53. Have an outdoor movie night
  54. Plant a tree
  55. Find a fossil
  56. Go gorge walking
  57. Make a Pinata
  58. Join in ‘Rocking all over the world’ (paint a pebble and hide it for somebody to find)
  59. Clean up a green space
  60. Watch a sunset

Download your summer checklist here.