Efteling Theme Park

Enjoy the rides at Efteling

Enjoy the rides at Efteling

Take a trip to Efteling and step into a magical world filled with enchantment and excitement.

Enter the fairytale forest and leave everyday life behind for a while as you experience great adventures in one of Europe’s largest theme parks.

Enjoy a sensational water show, jump on board the many park rides with something to delight all ages. Relax as you drift gently along on a Gondoletta boat, or hang on tight for an exhilarating ride on the giant Python as it loop-de-loops.

Efteling is open in both the summer andEfteling content winter
months so can be enjoyed all year round.

Camp at one of our great sites in the Netherlands or Belgium to enjoy a day visit to this exciting attraction.

The Netherlands campsites

Belgium campsites

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