Cilborth Beach

Cilborth Beach

You’ll only find Cilborth Beach during low tide to the right of Llangrannog Beach. We recommend keeping an eye on the tide if you don’t fancy a long walk back!

There are steps up the cliff behind the beach up to the costal path if you do find the tide coming in too quickly. This beautiful beach is sandy and perfectly secluded in its hidden cove.



The legend

You can easily identify the beach by Carreg Bica, the dramatic tooth shaped rock which as legend has it was a tooth troubling a local giant which was ripped out and landed in Llanrannog.

Things to do

Surrounding Carreg Bica are plenty of rock pools to explore where you’ll find plenty of seaweed, shellfish such as limpets and mussels as well as starfish and crabs. Carved out by the sea are also a number of caves.

Surfing and rowing are popular activities around Cilborth. Sailing, windsurfing and kayaking are other activities suitable for the whole family.

Visitor information

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Cilborth Beach

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