Seatown Beach

Seatown Beach is a shingle beach that’s surrounded by a sheltered bay in Chideock, Dorset.

This is a steep beach and unlike most of the other beaches in Dorset is not really the kind of place where people come to relax on the sands or catch the rays. Seatown Beach is also just a 6.3 mile drive from our Charmouth Club Site

Seatown Beach, Dorset

Great for fishing

It is set in a bay and does offer attractive scenery and surroundings, as it has the distinctive blue Lias cliffs as a backdrop. While this beach may not be suitable for relaxation and sunbathing in the way that most traditional beaches are, there are other benefits that it offers for those who are looking for slightly different experiences.

One of the things that can be enjoyed at Seatown Beach is shore fishing, which is a popular activity here. The other thing that many people come here for is collecting fossils, as it provides an excellent spot for doing this.

While walking along and looking for fossils on this beach or spending time fishing is fine, one thing you should bear in mind is that the surrounding cliffs are not safe for climbing.

The coast in this area is part of the world famous Jurassic Coast and is therefore a world heritage site.

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There is one Club campsite near Seatown Beach in Dorset.


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