Gruinard Beach

Gruinard beach

Gruinard beach

With its location in Gairloch, Highland, Gruinard Beach is a stunning, secluded but somewhat isolated beach. This is a beach that is ideal for those who want to enjoy this type of seclusion and are keen to avoid the crowds.

This is a sandy beach that offers the most amazing scenery, so if you enjoy natural beauty and picturesque places this is the perfect beach. The beach has won the Green Coast Award and does not have any dog restrictions in place, so you can take your pet along if you are heading out for the day.


It is important to note that there are no immediate facilities at this beach and you will have to travel some miles before you reach any.

There are bus services that go past the beach as well as parking facilities for those who are driving, so reaching the beach shouldn’t be a big problem whether you are using public transport or your own vehicle. The coastal walks and scenery are most appealing aspect of this beautiful beach and this alone makes it well worth the trip here for a day out.

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