Digital Membership - FAQs

Why is the Club making these changes?

In tune with changing technology and member requirements and expectations, the Club wants to provide new and existing members with the ability to interact with the Club using online methods and at a cheaper annual membership fee. It will also be more cost effective for the Club to service; namely reductions in paper, fulfilment and postage. This means spending less = more investment into improving Club Sites for members.

What are the benefits and differences of Digital Membership?

Digital Membership will be priced lower at £39 per year (currently £45 for paper membership) while still giving members access to all Club benefits. The difference is that it will not include any printed material with the exception of membership cards and will be paid by annual Direct Debit as opposed to cash, cheque or credit/debit card.

Why is Digital Membership by Direct Debit only?

Digital Membership is payable by Direct Debit only to allow the Club to keep administration costs down.

I already pay for my membership by Direct Debit; do I need to cancel my existing Direct Debit?

If you are an existing Direct Debit payer and you want to switch to Digital Membership you do not have to cancel your current instruction. Once you have notified us that you would like to switch we’ll amend the payment amount with the bank reducing it to £39. All you have to do is let us know you want to renew and ensure your bank details are correct. We’ll take care of the rest, you won’t be charged twice.

Why is Digital Membership only £5 cheaper than Paper Membership?

The Club is investing in the technology and people to develop new membership products that are more sustainable for the future. Digital Members will receive a whole host of value-added, inspiring and useful content that is exclusive to them. Developing our digital offering to ensure Digital Membership delivers meaningful and improved functionality also takes significant investment, however it creates a platform that enables the Club to keep membership prices as low as possible and continually work to make savings where we can.

What will my Digital Membership include?

  • Membership cards
  • Club’s website and campsite booking facility
  • Club’s SiteSeeker app (iOS and Android)
  • Online version of Club magazine
  • Emails to service all aspects of membership
  • All current member benefits

What won’t Digital Membership include?

  • Printed ‘Welcome to the Club’ booklet on joining
  • Printed Club monthly magazine
  • Printed SiteSeeker book

When will it launch to new or non-members?

As of 1 April 2014 new members will be given the option to join at the prevailing fee for paper membership or £39 for Digital Membership. They can join via the Club website, over the phone, at a Club Site, Certificated Site or Camping in the Forest Site, at a Show or through Dealers as normal. A £10 joining fee applies to paper membership if you pay by cash/cheque/debit/credit card.

How does it affect me as an existing member?

If your membership is due for renewal from 1 April 2014 you will be given the opportunity to switch. You will be contacted 60 days prior to your renewal date asking if you’d like to switch by email (10th February 2014 for April renewers). There is also an article in the March issue of Camping and Caravanning magazine which gives details on how to go about switching your membership. You can go on the Club’s website and amend your renewal preference at any point; however this will only be effective upon your next renewal date.

What if I don’t have an email address?

You will need to contact Membership Department, click here for phone numbers and current opening hours. Please provide an email address or login to the Member’s Area online and update your details. If you don’t have a valid email address you will need to remain a paper member.

What will I receive to tell me if and when I can switch my current membership to Digital?

You will receive an email up to 60 days before your renewal date. You will still receive your new membership cards 30 days before your renewal date is due. Also, read the March issue of Camping and Caravanning magazine for more information. 

What if I miss the opportunity to switch over to Digital Membership at renewal. Can I change my mind later?

Members will not be able to switch part way through their membership year and receive a refund. You can of course switch at your next renewal date. You can state your preference to change ahead of your renewal online or via the contact centre at any point to ensure we have the information ahead of your next renewal.

At renewal how do I switch to Digital Membership?

Simply call the Membership Department ready with your Direct Debit details (Digital Membership is only available by Direct Debit). click here for phone numbers and current opening hours and we’ll switch you over, alternatively you can renew online within the Members’ Area by selecting the 'Digital Membership by Direct Debit' option when prompted. As Digital Membership is only paid by Direct Debit, you will need to notify us of your intention to switch before the end of the month prior to your renewal date. For example if you are due for renewal in April you will need to let us know by the end February. This is so we can ensure your Direct Debit is ready at the new price.

Can I buy Digital Membership as a gift to receive my ‘Member Get Member’ reward?

In the future this will be an option but for now the Club only offers a paper-based ‘Gift Pack’. However, your friend can always buy Digital Membership themselves and apply to join as a Digital Member.

What if I wish to stay as a paper member at renewal?

You do not need to do anything if you are already Direct Debit payer. If you normally pay by cash, cheque, credit or debit card, you need to take action and renew over the phone, by post or online. Contact the Membership Department, click here for phone numbers and current opening hours

If I’m already a Digital Member (joined after April 2014), can I switch to paper membership?

Yes, when you are next due to renew.

What happens if I’m a Youth Member, Senior Youth Member or Veteran Member?

Your membership will continue as normal and remain unaffected, however the online magazine will be available to all members should you prefer to view it in this way.

What does this mean to me as an overseas member?

All overseas members (after 1 April 2014) with a valid email address will be sent an email to inform them that upon renewal they will only be able to choose Digital Membership. As you need a UK bank account to pay by Direct Debit, there will be an exception to the rule, which you can pay by debit/credit card.

What if I plan to move abroad?

On changing your postcode to an overseas address (prompted at renewal) you will have to take up Digital Membership as we will no longer be posting membership literature overseas.

Can I still use the contact centre for booking and membership enquiries?

Yes, you are still able to call us to discuss any aspects of your membership or campsite booking(s).

Seasonal and Storage forms are usually sent out with the magazine or Club directory, will the form be available online?

Yes, the form will be available to download online.

By switching to Digital Membership do I lose my history of consecutive years of membership?

No, your membership cards will still show how many years you have been a member of the Club.


How do I find out more?

Contact the Membership Department, click here for phone numbers and current opening hours with any queries you have regarding your membership.