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Tuesday 16 October 2018

Camping & Caravanning, the monthly magazine of The Camping and Caravanning Club, is now posted to members in compostable wrap rather than a plastic bag in just the latest innovation from the multi-platform magazine to help meet the evolving tastes and interests of its members.

The magazine has an average circulation of 287,835 (ABC 2017), and as part of a Club-wide move to phase out single-use plastic the September issue of the magazine was the first sent out in a biodegradable potato starch-based wrapper.

The new environmentally-friendly wrapper can be disposed of with food waste, garden compost and in some council green bins.

When combined with paper supplied by a Finnish Forestry Company – that prides itself on minimising waste and maximising reuse, using biofuels and bioenergy, and sustainably managing its forests – the move has helped the magazine to create a print issue that does as little harm as possible to the environment.

Rob Ganley, Camping & Caravanning Editor-in-Chief, said: “Camping & Caravanning listens to Club members’ concerns, and we too are committed to minimising our impact and environmental footprint in everything we do.

“Readers can now enjoy our award-winning magazine in the knowledge that it’s produced using materials that are sourced and can be disposed of sustainably. As campers we are all stewards of the countryside and we’re doing our best to keep it green and pleasant for generations to come.”

For those members who’ve opted for the Club’s Digital Membership, the magazine continues to grow its online offering by launching a series of ‘How to’ videos.

The new series is aimed at helping people new to our fabulous pastime who want to learn the basics of camping and caravanning.

This is in direct response to feedback from members who shared thoughts on the magazine and its online turn-page and app editions in a recent survey.

Downloads of the app edition, available free of charge to members with iOS or Android tablets or smartphones, grew 47% on 2016, and are a further 20% up in the calendar year to date.

Meanwhile, views of videos produced by the magazine hosted on the Club’s official YouTube channel are up 49%, with magazine-led editorial content proving hugely popular among viewers.

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Notes for Editors

1. Camping & Caravanning magazine was first published in 1908 and is considered the world’s oldest and largest circulating title for all forms of camping. Today it has an average monthly audience of 287,835. It's available in print, via the Camping & Caravanning website, online as a turn-page edition and in award-winning tablet and smartphone format.
2. ABC is the publishing industry’s auditing organisation, used to verify the circulation of leading national and international newspapers, magazines and digital titles.
3. The Camping and Caravanning Club is 117-years-old and is the largest and oldest Club in the world for all forms of camping. It has 106 award-winning sites throughout the UK and, through a partnership with the Forestry Commission, now runs and manages a further 15 Camping in the Forest touring sites.
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