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Friday 24 May 2013

The Camping and Caravanning Club continues to make history as its Walton-on-Thames Club Site is celebrating its centenary this month!

Over the past 100 years, the Club has welcomed thousands of holidaymakers to the site, eager to enjoy one of the nation’s most popular pastimes in a location close to the country’s capital.

Walton-on-Thames was originally leased by the Club in 1913, however due to its popularity the decision was made to finally purchase the site in 1946.

The site was initially chosen for its location and close proximity to water for bathing, which was extremely fashionable in the early 1900s.

Originally the site had permanent pitches as many of the tents available at the time had no ground sheets allowing the grass to continue to grow. However as time went by and access to transport and technology improved, the site became focused upon touring pitches – and this is where its main focus still lies to this very day.

Walton-on-Thames has 115 pitches and is open to both members and non-members. Despite being located inside London’s orbital M25 motorway and only 15 miles from the capital – the site is very peaceful and even has a resident flock of parakeets!

Club member Melanie Plumpton is a huge fan of the site and said: “It’s a well-kept secret, we stumbled upon it by accident and we’ve never looked back! I visit the site most weekends; it has great transport links and has many local attractions nearby.

“Walton is beautiful and I hope it remains open for many more years so that other people can enjoy its peacefulness and serenity.”

The Club’s Sites Director, Bob Hill is delighted by the response from campers and he said: “It’s a real landmark for the Club and Walton is a very popular site.

“It’s one of just four Club Sites with minimum facilities, and as a consequence we see many campers visiting with modern units however you can still enjoy a fantastic holiday with some good basic camping equipment.”

Robert Louden, the Club’s Director General, added: “It’s tremendous that one of our Club Sites has reached its 100th birthday!

“Walton on Thames is a green oasis and its close proximity to central London makes it the perfect location to explore the capital – and this is also one reasons that drew people to the site all the way back in 1913!

“We look forward to continuing to welcome campers to Walton in the future.”

To book at pitch at Walton-on-Thames Club Site, telephone; 0845 130 7633 or 024 76475426 or online;


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