Great Scott - Club pennon is set to fly at the South Pole again

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Monday 18 September 2006

Club member Sean Chapple is to lead an expedition to the South Pole in the footsteps of former Club President Captain Robert Falcon Scott – and will proudly fly a Club pennon on arrival.

The four-man Royal Marines South Pole Expedition sets off in November and expects to reach the South Pole in 47 days – hauling supplies and equipment in sledges.

Sean, a Captain in the Royal Marines, says: “Our plan is to ski to Captain Scott’s Pole Camp and hold a service in memory of Scott’s party. “I read about the Club legend of Scott carrying a Club pennon on his ill-fated journey to the Pole and thought I would honour this and my Club roots by taking my own.”

The last stage of their 1,340-mile journey will be aided by power kites – the return should take only 20 days.

Sean has already led more than ten major expeditions in the past 15 years. In recognition of his work, he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Institute in 1997.

This expedition is part of the Spirit of Adventure project that saw Sean lead a team to the North Pole earlier this year. Its aim is to commemorate Polar exploration through interactive ski treks to the magnetic North Pole, and the geographical South Pole.

You can follow the unfolding story of the expeditions via the website, managed by Exmouth Community College.

Sean says: “Here you can track and interact with the team. It is a chance to learn about the Polar regions and the spirit of adventure that drove the quests to discover the North West passage and the Poles.”

There is also an opportunity to own a little piece of Polar memorabilia and support the expedition. For £5 you can have a postcard signed by all the team members and sent to you from the South Pole. But hurry, your order has to be in by mid-November.

To donate to expedition funds, or buy a postcard and other gifts, visit the website.