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Monday 01 May 2006

Caravanning and camping are together the most popular holiday choice for British people accounting for almost seven million holidays by UK residents. So what’s the appeal?

Every year millions of people pitch a tent, hitch up to a caravan, or fuel up their motorhome and head for the open road. Not just for an annual holiday, but whenever they feel like it – and at a moment’s notice.

Touring caravans and motorhomes provide a great base for exploring the countryside. The scenery changes but the accommodation doesn’t. You get to sleep in your own bed and have all the creature comforts you could wish for. Luxurious kitchens, fully equipped shower rooms, central heating, double-glazing and a whole range of gadgets and gizmos are now fitted as standard.

Tent camping is also becoming almost as luxurious. Accessories are lightweight, compact and offer campers a comfortable night under canvas. The choice of tents available is extensive. With tents being designed to take just minutes to erect, campers now have even more time to sit back, relax and enjoy the surrounding countryside.

Of course, the greatest thing about a camping unit is that you’re not just buying one holiday. Once you’ve got the equipment, you can take holidays all year round and spend as much or as little as you like doing it. Remember, when you take your accommodation with you, whatever destination you decide to explore can be your home for the night.

Some campers and caravanners head for adventurous holiday destinations all over the world, whilst others enjoy touring the UK. Wherever you decide to go, you can enjoy the fast lifestyle near to a busy town one day and the picturesque beauty of a countryside retreat the next.

Whether you’re a seasoned camper or caravanner, or new to taking your accommodation with you, joining a club like The Camping and Caravanning Club will help you to get more from your caravanning and camping holidays.

As the world’s oldest and largest Club for all forms of camping, and with 400,000 members to cater for, the facilities and services are especially developed by people who share a love of camping and caravanning.

The Club has nearly 100 beautiful, award-winning sites throughout the UK providing quality accommodation for nearly three million campers each year. It has a further 1,200 Certificated Sites that are exclusive to members and are set in some of the most beautiful parts of the country.

Market leader in overseas camping holidays, Carefree, the Club’s overseas travel service, has its very own flexible, dynamic approach to providing holiday services to Club members. It sends over 70,000 people each year to over 150 individually-inspected camp sites in 18 European countries. It also provides discounted ferry bookings, organises rallies, escorted tours, theme holidays and much more. The Club really does open up a whole new world to its members.

Joining The Camping and Caravanning Club has other benefits, such as: insurance for all types of camping unit as well as your home, car, pets and more; a breakdown recovery scheme specially designed with caravan and motorhome owners in mind, from RAC; a Club credit card; and a discount car purchase scheme.

Caravan and Motorhome Manoeuvring Courses are also available as part of the Club’s on-going campaign to promote safety on the roads. Run by experienced driving instructors and designed to help both the experienced and non-experienced, the courses aim to help you to drive your motorhome, or tow your caravan with confidence.

Please call 024 7647 5442 or visit for further information. The Club’s website will also give you access to a range downloadable technical information sheet to help you get the maximum out of holidaying in your leisure vehicle.

1 May 2005