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Thursday 20 July 2006

Top Gear asked to use Moreton Site as a backdrop to a feature they intended to air on Caravanning. We agreed as long as they adhered to Club policies, a fact which was mentioned in the programme.

The items in the feature which included the destruction of a caravan and similar potentially dangerous actions, were not filmed on site and we were not aware that they were going to take place.

The Club promotes safer caravanning and has a number of site rules to ensure the safety of all campers, for example positioning all camping vehicles 6m apart to help prevent the spread of fire in the unlikely event that this should occur, additionally this spacing is designed to ensure that people have plenty of space in which to manoeuvre vehicles safely. The Club also prides itself on providing assistance in the pitching all vehicles individually and safely.

There are around ½ million people who love caravanning, 1 holiday in 8 is spent enjoying this pursuit in a safe and welcoming environment.