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Wednesday 20 December 2006

The Camping and Caravanning Club welcomed the news that its members may be able to undergo training to tow larger units, rather than taking a test.

All new drivers who want to tow a combined weight of over 3500kg will be affected by the decision that is made by the UK Government as to whether to test or train. 

David Welsford, Director General of The Camping and Caravanning Club.  said “The flexibility of the new European legislation means that our Government can choose to provide training rather than a test for those towing between 3500kg and 4250kg. We will be lobbying to encourage Government to seriously consider supporting specialised training rather than a test.”

The Club has encouraged safe towing through their own manoeuvring courses for a number of years, giving their members more confidence on the road.  The Club, with a growing membership of over 400,000 members across the UK, will continue to encourage first time caravanners to tow safely and responsibly through its manoeuvring courses and initiatives such as ‘Start Caravanning’.

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