Stolen Caravans; A Thing Of The Past?

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Thursday 13 April 2006

“Club Secure is better than sliced bread, it was the best money I’ve ever spent” was the reaction Ian Powell gave after his caravan was recovered recently, just 1hour 22 minutes after it was stolen.

Thanks to a discreet, proactive tracking device provided by Club Secure, from The Camping and Caravanning Club and market leaders Phantom Limited, Ian’s Prestige Hobby Caravan was returned to him, not only in record time but as good as new.

Ian’s caravan was safely stored on its summer storage pitch, or so he thought. He received a phone call from Phantom Ltd to say his caravan was being moved unlawfully even though he had taken the precaution to secure it using wheel clamps, removing the hitch, wiring the wheels together and locking the corner steadies. They were no match for the persistent thieves.

The Club Secure device instantly detected that the caravan was moving and informed the 24-hour Control Centre. Ian was contacted to make sure the caravan wasn’t in his possession, and then it was tracked and located using satellite technology. The thieves were reprehended, also in possession of a stolen car, and Ian was reunited with his caravan by the police shortly after.

The Club’s Membership Services Director, Paul Jones says: “We are really pleased that Ian’s caravan was recovered so quickly. This is confirmation that Club Secure really is helping us to take that giant leap forward in reducing caravan theft. Ian is one of the many members who have taken advantage of this new Member Service since its launch eight months ago.

“Club Secure is an essential device for every security conscious caravanner and motor caravanner, and will enable them to properly protect their unit and investment. This is a great addition to the Club’s member-tailored services and anyone opting for Club Secure will now receive a 20% discount on Club Care Caravan Insurance or 10% on Club Care Motor Home Insurance, as well as a year’s free membership to the Club.”

Club Secure and Club Care are just two of a whole array of Member Services offered by The Camping and Caravanning Club. These are designed with campers and caravanners in mind and save pounds as well as giving you peace of mind. The Club Secure device costs just £499 including installation, plus an annual subscription of £99. One of a national network of fitters will travel to your home address or a caravan dealer to install the device.

For further information please contact 0845 1301 374.

13 April 2006