Preparing Your Tent For The Easter Holidays

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Tuesday 11 April 2006

Easter is upon us and many tent campers will be gearing up ready for, possibly their first camping holiday of the season. The Camping and Caravanning Club has a number of helpful tips to make this first trip of the season as trouble free as possible.

1. Unfold and lay out your tent. Check for signs of mould and, if relevant, treat affected area with a 1:10 Milton solution. Rinse and allow to dry before re-proofing the area.
2. Check all seams and fastenings and repair as necessary.
3. Consider if fabric needs cleaning or reproofing.
4. Check poles and replace or repair any bent or splintered poles. Wipe over poles with a silicone furniture polish to prevent corrosion.
5. Spray zips with silicone or rub with a candle or soft pencil lead to ensure free running.
6. Check stoves and lanterns are working properly. Stoves should burn with a clean blue flame.
7. Check gas hoses to cooker and replace if cracked or more than five years old, (a manufacturer’s date should be clearly printed on the hose).
8. Clean kitchen equipment, sterilise any water containers and use sodium bicarbonate solution on any cool boxes to prevent mould, odours and bacteria.
9. Inspect all sleeping bags and liners Clean and air as necessary (most sleeping bags and liners can be washed in a domestic washing machine. Check all labels before doing this).
10. Make sure you have all the equipment and luxuries you need to make the camping holiday comfortable and effortless. If you need new a new tent or equipment there will be lots of deals and promotions during National Camping and Caravanning Week, 27 May – 2 June 2006. Click on to see where your nearest participating dealer is.

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11 April 2006