Caravans And Motorhomes Head For The Open Road This Easter

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Tuesday 11 April 2006

Easter is upon us and many caravanners and motorhome owners will be set to take to the road for possibly their first holiday of the season. The Camping and Caravanning Club has a number of helpful tips to make this first trip of the season as trouble free as possible.

1. Make sure your caravan or motorhome is serviced. If it wasn't serviced at the end of last season book with a nationally recognised Approved Workshop near you. Click on: to find your nearest workshop. Motorhomes will also need to have the vehicle serviced.
2. Check tyres for cracks and flat spots where the caravan or motorhome has been standing. Check all tyre pressures, including the spare. All tyres, however good they look, should be renewed every five to seven years.
3. Sterilise and flush out your on-board water systems before you use your vehicle at the beginning of the season. Check manufacturer's handbook, some may not recommend chlorine-based fluids.
4. Check the condition of the vehicle's battery and charge as necessary.
5. Check all electrical connections and make sure they work. In particular, to check all road lighting functions.
6. Motorhome owners should turn over the vehicle's engine prior to the first trip as stale fuel can prevent it from starting.
7. Caravan owners should check their car’s towing bracket is sound and bolts are tightened to manufacturer's specification.
8. Caravan owners should clean the towball and caravan hitch socket. If the caravan has a stabiliser hitch, dirt and grease will contaminate friction pads within the hitch. If a traditional hitch system is in place apply, clean grease to towball and socket after cleaning.
9. Hose off accumulated dirt and grit, especially from acrylic windows which scratch easily. Wash with a good caravan cleaner for best results.
10. Clean the interior of the vehicle, not forgetting to vacuum the upholstery well to remove dust and grit. Clean the fridge with sodium bicarbonate solution to prevent mould, odours and bacteria.

Most modern caravans and motorhomes provide luxurious accommodation, wherever you want to go, and whatever the season. They offer a spacious, comfortable living space with central heating, double-glazing, a fully functional kitchen and shower room. Some have a contemporary feel with large permanently situated beds, plus other gadgets and gizmos fitted as standard. By following these simple tips, caravans and motorhomes - from the more basic to the most luxurious models - will provide years of enjoyable holiday experiences.

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11 April 2006