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UK Club Sites have long been committed to welcoming Club District Associations and Special Interest Groups onto the network and supporting their activities.

Though the UK Sites Network will not always be able to replicate the D.A. experience enjoyed on Temporary Holiday Sites, we have reviewed our offer and have come up with a unique proposition that is available exclusively to Club D.A. and Special Interest Group bookings.

Taking on board feedback from District Associations, Front Line Site Managers and working closely with elected Member Committee, particular attention has been given to the areas of cost, the streamlining of administration, simplifying on site transactions and reconciliation and communications.

So what are the main changes?

Banded pricing

Price will now be banded into Low, Mid and High seasons to allow a generous per unit fee to be applied exclusively to Club D.As and Special interest groups. The Low season price has been reduced on non service pitches by up to 40% against current pricing.

Low Season - £5 per unit, per night

Mid-Season - £6 per unit, per night

High Season - £8 per unit, per night 

Minimum facility Sites - £4 Low season, £5 Mid season and £7 High season.

The above prices reflect the pitch price for a grass only pitch - additional Club Site charges for grass and hard standing service pitches apply.

For Club D.A’s and Special Interest Groups only we are also removing the need for a deposit to be paid to secure your booking. You’re part of the Club after all!

Prices have been simplified to enable easy collection and reconciliation of fees by the Steward once on site.

Qualifying criteria, bookings and payment

The qualifying criteria for these special rates has been standardised at seven units for all year round.

The fee for the Group booking can be paid at any time during the stay, enabling accurate assessment of amounts owed if there are nightly variances in numbers during the stay.

The Holiday Site Manager will be empowered to agree the final amount owed in discussion with the Steward – no more stray fees to account for retrospectively.

In order to ensure this process runs smoothly we ask the following;

  • Bookings are made directly with a D.A elected official
  • Contact is made direct with the site in the period before your booking to confirm numbers and arrangements
  • That a D.A. steward attends throughout the stay, who will be the liaison with the site team
  • That the D.A. steward assists with arrivals and ensures payment of fees.

This is a fantastic opportunity for District Associations as it means cheaper stays, no deposits and a simpler way to pay. Not only that, we can also improve things even further...

To view our Groups and Meets Guidance and Pricing notes please click here.

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Exclusive area hire

Subject to availability, on selected sites and dates we can also offer the option of hiring a dedicated area of a Site at a one-off flat rate rather than individual unit rate – this allows flexibility up to the total pitch numbers for that area for DA campers to come and go as you would on a THS meet – it’s your call.