Introduce a friend

We’ve got tons of Decathlon vouchers to give away! If your child is already a CCY member, they can earn a reward by introducing their friends to the Club. We’re sure that they’ll enjoy their camping adventures so much, they’ll want to get their friends involved too!

As a thank you, they’ll receive a £10 voucher, courtesy of our CCY partners, Decathlon. There’s a range of great camping and outdoor accessories to choose from – a £10 voucher could get:

Or, of course, it can be put towards a bigger investment, such as a tent or rucksack.

Get involved

All they’ll need to do is get a leaflet from their youth leader to pass on to their friend.  Alternatively, they can download and print a copy of the form at the foot of this page.  They’ll just need to pop their membership number on the leaflet before they pass it on. Then we can make sure their reward is sent out!


Adobe PDF Introduce a Friend Form
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