Explore the great outdoors with Camping Club Youth

CCY Canoeing 3

We know that, as parents, you want your child to explore and develop, and that’s what Camping Club Youth was set up to do.

Designed for 12-17 year olds, Camping Club Youth (also called CCY or Youth) is The Camping and Caravanning Club’s group for young people.

Through CCY, young people learn to build their confidence and develop important skills for adult life. Become proficient in activities like planning trips and projects, taking responsibility, looking out for others, cooking and first aid. Enjoy experiences that will help them develop into well-rounded individuals. 

Getting involved in CCY can make a difference to college and job applications, too. It shows a willingness to seize opportunities, be adventurous and generally get stuck in with hard work.

Plus, our Youth members tell us all the time - it really is great fun! See what they have to say here.

Youth CTA V2Top 5 Reasons to Join

  1. Have fun - compete in team games, challenges and outdoor activities
  2. Freedom - your tent, your friends, your cooking
  3. Friends - meet loads of new people, who like the same things as you
  4. Adventure - camp abroad at our international events
  5. Independence - pick up life skills that will help you on the way to adult life


Certificate of Achievement

LewisCofAThere's an opportunity each year for your child to be recognised for his or her camping achievements at a Regional and National level - they could receive up to £300 in outdoor retail vouchers!

The winner of the 2019 National Certificate of Achievement is Emma Hodgson. Emma's leaders praised her enthusiasm and willingness to help as well as the growth in her confidence since joining CCY. Well done Emma, and good luck in your Youth Test!

Congratulations to our two runners up this year, Lewis Groome-Vine (pictured collecting his certificate) and Samuel Crosbie.

If you'd like to nominate a youth member for the 2020 Certificate of Achievement, just let your youth leader know who and why.

Mentorship Programme

We're launching a new initiative that will enable members of Camping Club Youth to hone their leadership skills while providing support and encouragement for younger members. If your child is approaching their 18th birthday and they've passed the Youth Test, then they can apply to become a CCY Mentor. Simply complete an application form (download a copy at the foot of the page).