Club revamps its membership system

The Club is introducing a new membership system from 31 October 2017, which brings a raft of improvements that will benefit new and existing Club members.

In time, the new system will allow each adult partner to register their own email address and phone numbers with the Club.

This means they’ll be able to have their own log-in for the Club website, manage their unique membership profile, interact with other members on the Club’s online Forum using their own name, vote on Club matters of interest to them, and much more.

The new system gives each adult member more control over how the Club corresponds with them, allowing more tailored communications as part of the membership.

From 28-30 October, as the new membership system is installed, Club members will temporarily be unable to update, amend or renew their Club membership. Similarly, the Club will be unable to process new joiners during this period.

During this ‘down time’, members will be able to call the Club’s Contact Centre with urgent enquiries or concerns.

The Club will operate special extended weekend hours from 8am-4pm on Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 October and from Monday 30 October normal opening hours will apply.

In addition to this, the Club’s website will also experience some ‘down time’ on Sunday 29 October between the hours of 8pm-4pm. During this time, we will be ensuring the new system integrates with the Club’s website to ensure members can login successfully following launch.

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