Trailer Tent Insurance explained: getting the right cover for your holiday

You’re packed up and ready to go in a flash: that’s the benefit of owning a trailer tent, but is understanding and taking out the right Trailer Tent Insurance quite so easy?

Trailer tents really are the best of both worlds when it comes to camping and caravanning. They aren’t as big or bulky to store as a caravan, and come with many of the comforts of home, including proper beds, and kitchen facilities: all folded neatly away and ready to use when you need them. Storage, in fact, is one of the trailer tent’s biggest selling points: both in terms of a unit’s storage capacity, and its ability to be stored away easily.

As some types of trailer tents (folding campers, for instance) are part tent, and part caravan, many people find choosing the best insurance for the unit a little confusing. Yet, while it’s not a legal requirement to have Trailer Tent Insurance –you’ll be covered for third party liability under your motor insurance policy while you’re towing on the road – it does cover you for repair or replacement if your trailer tent is damaged either at home or while touring. It also covers your liability for any injuries to others or to their property, caused by your trailer tent while you’re on site too.

As it’s less secure than a caravan, having the right levels of cover in place is essential for your trailer tent and the things you keep within it. So here, we take a look at the main areas of cover, and some of the decisions you need to make when choosing your insurance policy.

Which trailer tent cover do you need to consider, and why?

When you’re choosing your Trailer Tent Insurance, there are a number of different options for you to consider, and which ones you choose will really depend on the type and age of your trailer tent, and, of course, how you intend to use it.

The sections of cover essential for you to understand and consider in your policy include:

Cover for your unit, awnings, equipment, contents, and personal effects

This insurance covers any physical loss or damage to your trailer tent, and much of the equipment and items that you use and store within and around it. Some exclusions will generally apply, such as cover for cash, computers or cycles.

You’ll also need to decide what type of cover you’d like. These include:

Agreed value cover

When you agree, at the start of the policy, what you’ll receive should your trailer tent be lost or damaged. This is especially useful if you’ve invested in modifications to your trailer tent, and you believe it’s worth more than the current market value.

New for old cover

When you agree, at the start of the policy, that should your trailer tent be damaged beyond repair, you’ll receive a new trailer tent to the same specification as the one you’ve just lost. This is especially useful if your trailer tent is a little older, as it may be difficult to replace it like-for-like with the market value amount.

Market value cover

When you agree, at the start of the policy, that should your trailer tent be damaged beyond repair, you’ll receive an amount equal to the current market value of your trailer tent at that time.

Cover for loss of use

This section of your insurance applies when your trailer tent becomes uninhabitable as a result of an insured incident, and will cover some of the costs of alternative accommodation while you’re away from home. It may also cover you for returning your personal effects and contents to your home address.

Cover for your liability to the public

This section covers the compensation you may be liable to pay out should your trailer tent cause injury or death to a member of the public, or damage to their property.

Personal accident cover

Under your personal accident cover, you’ll be able to claim if you, or a member of your family, is injured while in your trailer tent. For instance, Club Care Insurance offers up to £50,000 personal accident cover, for both members and non-members.

Make sure you’re clear on exactly who is insured under this section, and the levels of benefits for each injury type before you set out.

Other insurance considerations

It’s also worth checking that your insurance covers you while touring abroad, and if you’re planning to loan your trailer tent to family or friends to take away by themselves, it’s a good idea to check the cover for that, too. You may also be able to add on cover for sports equipment, such as fishing rods, wetsuits and surfboards.

Discounted premiums

Your insurer may also reward you with discounts for some security measures – for instance, Club Care offers a discount to Club members for using a TyrePal pressure monitoring system and a 20% discount for four or more years no claims.

The Camping and Caravanning Club’s Club Care Trailer Tent Insurance provides options to suit all budgets and levels of use.