The benefits of short term car insurance

CCI Car Square CTAFor your camping or caravanning holiday, you might use your own car, borrow one from a friend or relative, or rent one from a car hire firm.

Insurance will be included when you rent a car, but if you’re using your own car (or one you’ve borrowed), you will need to ensure you have the appropriate cover for your trip. Have you thought about taking out short term insurance? You may even need to add an additional driver to share the driving.

What short term insurance policies are available?

Club Care Insurance is partnering with Tempcover, the UK’s leading provider of short term motor insurance who offers short term cover for periods of between 1 to 28 days, for members aged from 18-75. Cover is available for UK & Europe.

What else does short term insurance cover?

Are you carrying your work tools? If equipment is lost, damaged, or destroyed when being carried in your vehicle, or during loading or unloading, our ‘tools in transit’ policy will cover you for up to £1000.

Other additional extras include:

  • Uninsured loss —covers the out of pocket expenses accrued by you following an accident that wasn’t your fault — protection of up to £50,000 (including repair, vehicle hire and transport costs)
  • UK-wide roadside breakdown cover (if you’re more than a quarter of a mile from home(
  • Personal accident cover
  • Excess protection (up to £500)

You can even get ‘oops’ cover for scratches, dents, or damage caused by putting the wrong fuel in your tank.

What do you need to know about renting a car?

To rent a car, you will need a valid driving licence and a means of payment, usually a debit or credit card. Often, a large deposit will be needed, which is refundable, and you may also need to present additional identification: a passport or utility bill, for example, to the rental company.

Once you have signed the rental agreement and paid, you will be ready to set off: insurance will be included in the total package. However, the excess may be very high (even for scratches and chips), so you may wish to take out an additional car hire excess insurance policy.

If you decide to fly or sail to Europe for a camping trip and hire a car when you arrive, you will need to download a check code from the DVLA website beforehand and supply it to the car rental firm when booking, so that they can check any points on your licence. (Previously, points were recorded on the licence paper counterpart, which was abolished in June 2015.)

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Should you rent a car?

Various sizes of car are offered by rental companies, so you can select the correct vehicle for your needs, from a small hatchback to a people carrier.

Renting is great if you’re going camping and not planning to use a car at all during your holiday. You could hire a car for the outward journey and leave it at a depot close to your destination, then hire another car for your return trip.

You will also keep the mileage down on your own vehicle when you rent. You may already have used up most of the mileage allowance on your insurance policy, for example, or perhaps you own a classic vehicle.

However, renting a car can be expensive. You may have to return it with a certain amount of fuel in the tank, which means filling up before dropping off. Also, your deposit may be large and, while it is refundable, it could take several days to reappear in your bank account.

Save money and increase flexibility with short term insurance

If you have a daughter or son aged under 25 who wants to share the driving, renting a car might not be possible. However, most drivers aged between 17 and 75 can get temporary cover.

You might have a large vehicle that you use exclusively for towing your caravan in summer, keeping it off the road for the rest of the year. (Please note: you must make a SORN – statutory off road notification – to the DVLA!) In such cases, a short term policy is ideal.

Short term insurance isn’t limited to your own vehicle, either. Perhaps your car isn’t big enough to carry your family plus all your camping gear, but relatives or friends are willing to lend you their large estate car. Instead of having third party cover on it through your own vehicle’s fully comprehensive policy, why not take out short term fully comprehensive cover on theirs?

Are you a British expat living elsewhere in the EU? If you hold (or have held) a full UK licence, you could benefit from temporary cover. It’s also possible to get a policy if you have a provisional licence or an EU licence. We can help you if you have penalty points, too.

To get the right short term car insurance policy for your trip, visit the Club Care Insurance website now.