When planning a trip abroad it is good to be aware of any requirements that the country you are visiting has in place, such as driving regulations and what type of passport or visas you might need in order to enter. On these pages you will find useful information about travelling to Switzerland to help you prepare for your trip.


Switzerland is located between three major European countries - France, Germany and Italy so you will see influences from each evident in a lot of Switzerland's culture. The Swiss are known for being very polite and friendly, making it a great place to visit and with traditions including Swiss folk music, yodelling, local wines and handmade cheese fresh from the Alpine farms; you will find it a very easy place to settle in to.

There are 3 major languages spoken in Switzerland; German, French, and Italian.

See our Germany, France and Italy pages for a selection of common phrases from each language. The most predominant language spoken in Geneva city is French; whereas you’ll hear most people speaking German in the Capital, Zurich.

That being said, English is spoken widely throughout Switzerland so you are unlikely to have any difficulties communicating no matter where you go. Attempting basic greetings in local dialect will be welcomed and appreciated though, so it is good to invest in a phrase book to help you embrace the local culture during your stay.


The currency of Switzerland is the Swiss Franc.

Banking Hours
Monday to Friday: 0830 hrs – 1630hrs
Some banks may close at lunchtime between 1200hrs and 1400hrs depending on their location.
Banks are closed on Saturdays and Sundays

Credit Cards & ATM
Most major credit cards (Mastercard, American Express, Diner’s Club and Visa) are widely accepted by shops, hotels, restaurants and petrol stations.

There are cash dispenser machines (ATMs) throughout the country which accept debit and credit cards.

Travellers' cheques are no longer generally accepted.