When planning a trip abroad it is good to be aware of any requirements that the country you are visiting has in place, such as driving regulations and what type of passport or visas you might need in order to enter. On these pages you will find useful information about travelling to Norway to help you prepare for your trip.


Norway prides itself in being not only the most astoundingly scenic country in the world but also one of the most civilized, educated and tolerant societies. Norwegians are fiercely proud of their country and love the great outdoors. Norway has a reputation of being the most expensive travel destination in Europe and this is not unjustified. Although careful planning will allow to keep the prices down when organising excursions and using public transports thanks to countless offers and concessions, food and drink are expensive and the price of alcoholic beverages will make you think twice about having that second drink.

The national language of Norway is Norwegian. Some of the most common Norwegian phrases you may find useful to know when visiting are:

• Goddag / Hei– Hello
• Ha det bra – Bye
• Ja – Yes
• Nei – No
• Vær så snill – Please
• Takk – Thank you
• Snakker De engelsk? – Do you speak English?
• Åpen / Stengt – Open / Closed
• Herrer, Menn / Damer, Kvinner – Gents / Ladies
• Camping – Campsite

Norwegians tend to have a very good level of English and it is easy to get around the country even if you don’t speak Norwegian. Still, attempting basic greetings in the local language will be considered as polite and appreciated. We therefore recommend investing in a phrase book to help you during your stay.


The currency in Norway is the Norwegian Krone (NOK).

Banking Hours
Bank are generally open Monday to Friday, 0800 hrs to 1530 hrs (1700 hrs on Thursdays).

Credit Cards & ATM
ATMs are widely available. Debit and Credit cards are widely accepted in large shops and restaurants but many supermarkets, petrol stations and other retailers often only accept Norwegian-issued cards.

Travellers’ cheques are not generally accepted.