When planning a trip abroad it is good to be aware of any requirements that the country you are visiting has in place, such as driving regulations and what type of passport or visas you might need in order to enter. On these pages you will find useful information about travelling to Greece to help you prepare for your trip.


Greece it know for its ancient civilization and superb landscapes.Greeks are particularly proud of their country and speak about it with passion. Traditions, religion, music, language and food are the major composites the local culture.

A few customs may surprise visitors and tourists are advised to follow a few rules of etiquettes. For example, if visiting a monastery or a church, you’ll need to be suitably dressed with long sleeves, trousers for men and skirts below the knee for women.

The official Language of Greece is Greek. Some of the most common Greek phrases you may find useful to know when visiting are:

• Kalimera – Good morning
• Kalispera – Good evening
• Kalinikta – Good night
• Yasou – Hello
• Yia sas – Hello (more respectful)
• Antío sas or Antio – Good bye
• Né - Yes
• Ókhi - No
• Parakaló - Please
• Efkharistó – Thank you
• Aristerá - Left
• Deksiá – Right
• Miláte angliká? - Do you speak English?
• Ανδρών (Andrṓn) – Male
• Γυναικών (Ginaikṓn) – Female
• Aνοικτό (Anoiktó) – Open
• Kλειστό (Kleistó) – Closed
• Kάμπινγκ (kámpin'nk) – Campsite

No Greek will expect you to speak Greek and most people will speak some English. However, attempting basic greetings in the local language will be considered as polite and much appreciated. We therefore recommend investing in a phrase book to help you during your stay. Don’t be shy, Greeks will not generally stop to help even if you look lost as they do not wish to intrude, but they will be happy to help when asked.


The currency of Greece is the Euro.

Banking Hours
Monday to Friday: 0800 hrs to 1800 hrs in all major tourist areas.
Monday to Thursday: 0800 hrs to 1400 hrs, Friday 0800 hrs to 1330 hrs in other areas.
Foreign exchange offices at the frontier are open until 2000 hrs during the tourist season.

The major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club, American Express, etc.) are widely accepted (although less so at petrol stations).

Due to the current financial crisis in Greece some businesses are refusing to accept credit cards in payment of goods and services (including hotels) and are asking for cash instead.

Cash machines (ATMs) can be found in major cities. However there is a possibility that this service could become limited at short notice so visitors are advised to take enough cash for the duration of their stay.

Travellers' cheques are now only exchangeable for cash at few banks.