When planning a trip abroad it is good to be aware of any requirements that the country you are visiting has in place, such as driving regulations and what type of passport or visas you might need in order to enter. On these pages you will find useful information about travelling to France to help you prepare for your trip.


France is only a short hop across the channel, yet it offers a truly continental welcome.

As well as the beautiful beaches and picturesque scenery you will encounter in France, you will also see that the French are very passionate about food and pay great attention to detail when cooking.

You can expect to experience many culinary delights during your trip. There will be a variety of dishes on offer prepared using only the freshest ingredients and there are lots of little markets where you can sample local produce. Fresh bread is served with almost every meal as it forms an integral part of the French diet and you are likely to find a mouth-watering patisserie (pastry/cake shop) even in the smallest of villages.

The official language of France is French. Some of the most common French phrases you may find useful to know when visiting are:

• Bonjour – Hello/Good morning
• Bonsoir– Good evening
• Au revoir – Goodbye
• Oui - Yes
• Non - No
• S'il vous plaít - Please
• Merci – Thank you
• Gauche - Left
• Droite – Right
• Tout droit - Straight on
• Parlez-vous anglais? - Do you speak English?
• Camping - Campsite
• Hommes/ Femmes - Gents/ Ladies
• Ouvert/ Fermé - Open/ Closed

People are often referred to as Monsieur or Madame. Some English is usually spoken on campsites and in the larger towns and tourist areas, though attempting basic greetings in the local language will be considered as polite and appreciated. We therefore recommend investing in a phrase book to help you during your stay.


The currency of France is the Euro.

Banking Hours
Monday to Friday: 0830/0900 to 1600/1800
- In general, smaller branches are closed from 1200 to 1400
- Some banks are open on Saturday (normally from 0900 to 1300), but they are closed on Monday

Credit Cards & ATM
The major credit cards (Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club and Visa) are widely accepted by shops, hotels, restaurants and petrol stations.

There are cash dispenser machines (ATMs) throughout the country which accept debit and credit cards.

Travellers' cheques are no longer widely accepted. They can be exchanged at a few banks.