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Trailer tent

2018: Pennine



2018: Camp-let

2019 Tent Owner Satisfaction Awards update

Our definition: We’ve linked folding campers and trailer tents under a single heading – calling it trailer tents to reflect the overall popularity of the type. Both are variants of a wheeled trailer for pulling behind a car or motorbike – a folding camper pitches off-ground while a trailer tent’s main canvas pegs go directly into the ground.

Folding campers (including trailer tents) is a tiny, yet significant, sector in the whole tent market, hence its inclusion here.

This year’s winner, Opus, scored 93% for overall satisfaction. By far its most popular model was its flagship, the Full Monty.

Last year’s winner, Pennine scored 90% this time.

Best trailer tents 2018 league table

Other brands reported on here include Cabanon, Camp-let, Conway, Raclet, Sunncamp and Trigano.

Please note: This was a new category for the Tent Survey last year, covering trailer tents and folding campers.