Best quick-pitch tents

Winning Brand: Quechua

Best Quick Pitch 2017Highly Commended: Khyam

Our definition: Quick-pitch covers two distinctive types of tent. It includes pop-ups (where the whole tents springs into shape as it’s taken out of its bag) and knuckle-jointed pole tents (where the frame is pre-assembled within the tent and opens like an umbrella). As well as general camping, these tents are particularly popular with festival goers and those attending other one-off events where instant accommodation, possibly in restricted areas, is a bonus.

Just two brands stood out from the rest in this category, both scoring commendably high satisfaction ratings. Quechua topped the class with an impressive 93.3%, while Khyam recorded 87.9%.

The differences don’t stop there, though. Whereas Quechua uses pop-up technology for its 2 Seconds Easy and 2 Seconds Air ranges – you take the tent out of its bag and it springs into shape – Khyam has its own Quick Erect system comprising knuckle joints connecting poles that are pre-attached to the outside of the flysheet, as on its Flexi-dome and Ridgi-dome ranges.

Best quick-pitch tents TABLEThere are other brands out there offering quick-erect tents, especially pop-ups, but none generated sufficient response for any real analysis.

We asked tent owners to tell us, on a scale of one to ten, how satisfied overall they are with how their tent has performed in a number of key areas, where one is “not at all satisfied” and 10 is “extremely satisfied”. We expressed the final rating (satisfaction score) as a percentage which you can see here in the table.


There are a variety of tents that can be classed as quick-pitch, but if you take integrated poles as a starting point the category starts to define itself. We did not have a quick-pitch category in our first Tent Survey.

Typical quotes:

“A replacement for the old one as it was sooooo good.” (Quechua)

“Khyam tents are well reviewed. I wanted a three-person tent that I could stand up in.” (Khyam)

“Purchased a Khyam Ridgi-dome tent 14 years ago so knew the quality and ease of setting up and striking camp.” (Khyam)