Best mainstream tents (£301-£1,000)

Winning Brand: Robens

KlondikeHighly Commended: Hi Gear
Highly Commended: Outwell

Our definition: Here we’re looking at tents that were sold for anything between £300 and £1,000. That means a broad spectrum in the very middle of the market. It’s also where larger, weekender and family-size tents are more to the fore.

Robens topped the group for its satisfaction rating, but it also had the lowest response in terms of actual numbers, compared with its two Highly Commended rivals.

Some might be surprised to see Robens included here, let alone topping the category. As part of the Oase group (which also includes budget brand Easy Camp as well as the brand most likely to be considered mainstream – and also scoring positively here – Outwell), it’s perhaps more of an indication of the way the company markets its products – offering the broadest of appeals across a wide range of price points.

Best mainstream tents TABLEAs it was, just 1% separated the satisfaction ratings between Robens (90.9% overall) and Outwell. Worth noting also is, whereas most Robens tents are well within the £301 to £1,000 bracket, under half of Outwell’s significantly broader portfolio would typically fall in this spectrum.

Also performing highly here were Vango, Kampa and Khyam, each of whom scored well over 80% for overall satisfaction. Again, each manufacturer here has a number of ranges that include models retailing from £301.

We asked tent owners to tell us, on a scale of one to ten, how satisfied overall they are with how their tent has performed in a number of key areas, where one is “not at all satisfied” and 10 is “extremely satisfied”. We expressed the final rating (satisfaction score) as a percentage which you can see here in the table.


This is a price category and includes all types and sizes of tents that were purchased (regardless of manufacturers’ recommended prices) for between £301 and £1,000.

Typical quotes:

“Canvas (i.e. polycotton) tent that was just the right size for us.” (Robens)

“Sleeping space and admin area large enough to accommodate four comfortably, even in wet weather. Compact and lightweight.” (Robens)

“Steel poles. Sewn-in bucket groundsheet. Roomy. Porch. Footprint. Fitted carpet.” (Hi Gear)

“It had good head height, a decent sized space in case of bad weather, an optional porch in which I can cook (in bad weather) and I could put it up on my own.” (Hi Gear)

“Quality, size – had the number of sleeping pods we required – fabric, plus all the extra darkened sleeping pods and zip-up curtains.” (Outwell)