Best lifetime tents

Winning Brand: Karsten

Karsten LifetimeHighly Commended: Vango
Highly Commended: Outwell

Our definition: It might sound like an unusually named class, but tents in this category really are those that can provide a lifetime of camping memories. They’ll be made using materials that will both perform and last – with, for example, cotton or polycotton flysheets. Prices will be premium, too. Expect to pay at least £500 – or much more – for a tent that will perform for a decade at the very least.

We had a clear winner here, with the Karsten brand picking up an amazing 99.1% overall satisfaction rating from its users.

Best lifetime tents TABLEAgain, although very much mainstream brands, both Vango and Outwell produce the kind of super-premium ranges that have found favour. More important, though, is public perception that their tents can and do last a lifetime.

Vango also scored a highly impressive rating, 97.9%, with Outwell achieving 89.8%.

We asked tent owners to tell us, on a scale of one to ten, how satisfied overall they are with how their tent has performed in a number of key areas, where one is “not at all satisfied” and 10 is “extremely satisfied”. We expressed the final rating (satisfaction score) as a percentage which you can see here in the table.


Another new category this time around, Lifetime represents the ultimate tents as far as those taking part in our survey are concerned.

Typical quotes:

“Quality of manufacture, warranty, after-sales care from Camping Travel Store and, most of all, can pitch it solo and with few pegging points.” (Karsten)

“By inspection it had the highest specification of any tent we looked at and this has been born out from its subsequent use.” (Karsten)

“Excellent quality, long lasting, cotton/canvas type, great feedback, an investment, solid in poor weather, easy to erect.” (Karsten)

“It is very easy to pitch and take down; the 'second bedroom' forms an excellent 'bathroom' with a privacy curtain; the main bedroom allows us to use our camp beds crossways meaning we can position them like twin beds with the main bedroom door zipped and access the bathroom like an en suite; there is standing room throughout; the living area is large enough to sit in comfortably if the weather is bad... It is perfect!” (Vango)

“A trusted quality brand that we've had before. Quality of workmanship and attention to detail.” (Outwell)