Best inflatable-tube tents

Winning Brand: Kampa

Best Inflatable Tent 2017Highly Commended: Vango
Highly Commended: Outwell

Our definition: Coming more and more to the fore across the main tent market, inflatable-tube tents are quick to pitch because the main poles are cylinders into which air is pumped (usually using a footpump, but electric ones can sometimes be used).

Inflatable-tube tents are arguably the single biggest growth sector of the market, although they still have a long way to go to catch up with more traditional poled ones.

Best inflatable-tube tents TABLEThree key brands stood out here. Kampa topped the class with an 88.2% score, closely followed by Vango (85.5%) and Outwell (82.9%).

We asked tent owners to tell us, on a scale of one to ten, how satisfied overall they are with how their tent has performed in a number of key areas, where one is “not at all satisfied” and 10 is “extremely satisfied”. We expressed the final rating (satisfaction score) as a percentage which you can see here in the table.


We did not have an inflatable-tube class in our first Tent Survey.

Typical quotes:

“Wanted an air tent… good size and weight… wanted a porch… like the quality of the tent.” (Kampa)

“Our old tent had poles and was difficult to put up so when we realised that it was past its useful life, we decided to replace it with an inflatable-tube tent that would be much easier and quicker to pitch, especially if it's raining.” (Vango)

“Because it is an Airbeam and we were finding it difficult to put up the poled tent we had before, the Airbeam means far less effort is needed.” (Vango)

“Our previous tent was a Bear Lake 6, which we loved. But, as we are getting older, found it harder to put up, so chose the Concorde L Smart Air as it is easy to put up and very similar to the Bear Lake and we love it just as much.” (Outwell)