Best backpacker tents

Winning Brand: Vango

VangoHighly Commended: Quechua

Our definition: These are tents designed to be carried by individuals on walking (or cycling) trips. Ease of use is critical here – in terms of carrying, packing away and pitching on a nightly basis during trips away – as well as weight. These are products that have to perform.

With its long heritage as a tent maker, it’s perhaps no surprise to see Vango heading the pack here – especially as a lot of the tents in its portfolio fit into the backpacker category. Overall satisfaction for Vango tents used for backpacking was a highly creditable 89.2%

Typical Vango models that are used by backpackers are included in its Trekking and XD line-ups, and models Mirage, Banshee, Omega, Nova, Galaxy, Tempest and more.

Plenty of Quechua’s tents can be used for backpacking, too, thanks to their tendency towards overall lightness and small pack size. They rated 83.1%.

Best backpacker tents TABLE

Other, more specialist backpacking tent brands featured in our survey (such as Hilleberg and Terra Nova), as well as backpacking ranges from other brands. However, the numbers of responses for these were low.

We asked tent owners to tell us, on a scale of one to ten, how satisfied overall they are with how their tent has performed in a number of key areas, where one is “not at all satisfied” and 10 is “extremely satisfied”. We expressed the final rating (satisfaction score) as a percentage which you can see here in the table.


Just remember, plenty of mainstream brands feature tents designed for backpacking in their line-ups though there are many specialist brands out there too.

Typical quotes:

“Bought Vango tents for decades, knew it would be fit for purpose and last. It was also the right size for our use, and it fits our touring motorcycle for us to tour with it.” (Vango)

“Reasonably light weight and the smallest that would just fit a double inflatable bed. Used for festivals with a tarpaulin and wind break (all lightweight).” (Vango)

“Good size for two backpacking and a reasonable weight.” (Vango)

“I have another Vango Icarus tent and was really impressed with the quality versus the cost.” (Vango)

“Used it on holiday, walking the Tour du Mont Blanc, provided by the holiday company.” (Quechua)