Tent Owner Satisfaction Awards 2017

The results of the second successive annual Tent Owner Satisfaction survey to investigate satisfaction among buyers of tents, conducted throughout 2016, have been collated and published here at the start of 2017, to coincide with our Tent Owner Satisfaction Awards 2017.Tent survey logo

The survey followed a similar format to last time around – again, in the form of an online questionnaire – and represents a unique and authoritative insight into the expectations of consumers in the UK.

However, it’s worth noting at least a million tents are purchased every year, in a market that’s worth over £135million (according to outdoor industry analyst Profile Outdoors). Also, market researcher Mintel says over 17 million camping and caravanning trips were taken by UK adults in 2016, a figure it says it expects to rise to 17.9 million in 2017 and to over 21 million in 2020.

Because we were asking broadly similar questions as the first Survey, we were not expecting such a high level of response just one year on. However, we are delighted to report we received some 1,200 responses from individuals reporting back on nearly 1,400 tents (some bought more than one in the specified time period). We covered tents bought new from January 2013.

We have, however, reviewed our classifications of tent types and now use the following descriptors – Family, Weekender, Backpacker, Pup (ie used in conjunction with a caravan or motorhome), Lifetime (ie premium marques for intensive, long-term use) and Other.

Again, then, the Camping and Caravanning Club Tent Survey remains the only work of its type in the UK – offering an insight into exactly what consumers think of the tents they’ve purchased. How they perform… and how they could be improved.

Once again, our findings make for critical reading – for anyone thinking of buying a tent as well as those involved in their supply.

Our work was supported by Club Care, the official insurance provider for members of The Camping and Caravanning Club. Its range of services includes tent insurance.

Special thanks go to everyone who took time to complete the questions. Without your input, we wouldn’t be able to say we have the greatest survey of tent satisfaction, ever. You’ve contributed to a very positive picture for tent purchases and satisfaction in the UK.