Up to four-person tents

Winner: Cabanon Classic Range

Tent Owner Satisfaction Awards logoHighly Commended: Karsten 350
Highly Commended: Vango Ark

Note 1: The findings here are based on feedback on people using their tents, whatever size, as used by groups of up to four people.

Note 2: Most of the ranges here include tents larger than designated 1-2 person use.

Our winners here illustrate the great variety of tents available in the market. Two completely contrasting tent styles took one and two slots here – Cabanon’s Classic range and Karsten’s inflatable 350. Both are at the top of the price scale, too.

Cabanon’s Classic range is made of what the manufacturer calls ‘Canadian’ tent shapes, and ‘Pyramid’ style, and the Cabanon Gaudeloupe is by far the most popular individual tent.

Another style, tunnels, was represented in third place with Vango’s Scout Association-recommended Ark models, more typically associated with backpacking use.

The rest of our “top ten” here also recorded satisfaction scores of over nine. These were, in descending order: Outwell’s Smart Air Polyester and Classic collections, Vango’s Banshee range, Outwell’s Premium and Regency collections, Quechua’s Air Seconds range and Robens’ Outback range – while hovering just outside the top ten, but also with a satisfaction score of over nine was Outwell’s Deluxe Mocca Collection.

Score (mean)
Classic range
Ark range
Smart Air Polyester range
Classic range
Banshee range
Premium range
Regency range
Air Seconds range
Outback range

You said...

Karsten 350 (Highly Commended)
"A long established and reputable manufacturer. The fact that this has been little improved over more than two decades, suggesting a tried-and-tested design. Quality materials and components. Excellent customer service from both manufacturer and dealer. Big enough to use on its own (without awnings etc) for winter camping.”

Robens Outback Vista 300 (Top Ten)
“Had bought a Robens Cabin 300 for our son and was very impressed by the design, layout, headroom and ease of pitching.”

Vango Banshee 300 (Top Ten)
“Wanted a small/quick to pitch/ lightweight/ reliable and dry tent suitable for multi terrain and conditions, that could take me and a Karrimor backpack.”

Robens Outback Klondike (Top Ten)
“I already have Robens tents, so am familiar with the high standard of quality they produce. I wanted a tent that was similar in shape to a bell tents, but was light enough and easy enough for me to pitch solo. I absolutely love this tent. I have recently bought the inner pod for it, thus enabling me to camp more through the colder weather.”

Vango Halo 200
“Good reputation. Have previously owned a Vango tent and was pleased. Plenty of storage, with two porches. Like the rectangular design of the inner (rather than a tapered shape) and enough headroom to get changed without too much of a struggle. Quick to pitch and so good for one- or two-night stays.”

Coleman Rock
“To use as a one-man tent for weekends and larger tent for family events I bought a Coleman Rock because it was small and easy to use and set up. Also, very light in weight.”

Robens Lodge 3
“Quality adventure tent with good features. Twin exits/porch/dome tent. Useful to have wet equipment from hiking, wakeboarding or windsurfing at one end and a dry end for camping and cooking kit. Headroom one of the best for tent size. I travel without a car alone (for watersports) or with a group (former YHA group/outdoor pursuits). Tent weight of about 4kg is fine to put in an 80-litre wheelie bag with the rest of the lightweight kit and take on a train.”

Vango Omega 350
“I bought this tent to replace a Force Ten Mk4 which has come to the end of its useful life after 30 years. As a biker I need lightweight gear and this fits the bill for my European motorcycling rides. The Vango range is more up to date than most other manufacturers.”

Vango Calisto 400
“It was the size we wanted. It had a vertical front door, with a small hood to stop rain coming in and it has an awning extension, with curtain flaps for privacy, that can be used for longer breaks or as additional accommodation. The quality is good, with plenty of storage, mesh screens etc. We do not intend changing it any time soon!”

Vango Omega 450XL
“I’m a Scout leader, so use tents in all conditions. Have had an Omega 350 for several years, which is fantastic, but wanted a bit more room for camping with my children. My criteria were the tent must be useable all year, stay dry, and be easy to erect and pack away.”

Outwell Encounter Cloud 3
“I do a lot kayak trekking. Sometimes I go alone, and sometimes with my wife. I find Cloud 3 excellent as single tent (much space and light), and perfect for two people. Easy to set up. We do not go camping but we camp in the wild and isolated beaches.”

Kampa Hayling 4
“It was a bit larger than our previous tent being more square in shape and having a large porch where we could sit or eat in. The Vango model had a porch but it was not see-through."