Seven-person and over tents

Winner: Outwell Ambiente Collection

Tent Owner Satisfaction Awards logoHighly Commended: Outwell Classic Collection
Highly Commended: Robens Outback range

Note: These are grouped by brand and range (but not model level). We did not go down to individual models here because samples sizes would have been too small. Most of the ranges here include tents larger than designated 7-plus person use.

Pitch size as well as ease of actual pitching (plus packing away again) are major considerations when you get to tents claiming to accommodate seven people or more.

We had responses from over 11 ranges but only four manufacturers – Kampa, Outwell, Robens and Vango.

Again, though, it’s a discontinued line – Ambiente, from Outwell – that came top. Introduced as a super-premium, all-cotton range by Outwell, it was short-lived. And once again, it’s cotton and polycotton that have dominated this class – with none of the generally-cheaper polyester tents being represented in the top three.

Score (mean)
Ambiente range
Classic range
Outback range
Icarus range
Premium range
Endurance range
Privilege range
Smart Air range
DeLuxe Green range
Tigris range
Maritsa range

You said...

Robens Outback Mescalero (Highly Commended)
“Lightweight for a tipi this size. Its size and its high pole that provides a lot of standing space in the tent. Polycotton dries quicker than a cotton tipi. It's considerably cheaper than a comparable Tentipi Safir 9 and/or Zirkon 15. It has a zipped-in groundsheet.”

Outwell Classic Wolf Lake 7 (Highly Commended)
“Because it was the largest polycotton tent I could find.”

Hi Gear (model not specified)
“Although only four of us, the tent is big enough for everyone to have a room themselves and storage room, plus room to sit inside when the weather is poor. It was also on offer when we bought it.”

Vango Maritsa 700
“For the space and steel poles.”

Vango Infinity 800
“Loved the idea of an Airbeam. Perfect layout.”

Hi Gear (model not specified)
“Good brand, excellent reviews. Sleeping pods removable so can just use one when camp as a couple and can split into four when camping with the three children, giving each child their own mini pod. Great space for five of us, but not too big when just the two of us. Bought as bundle, so footprint allows for extra layer between us and the ground and allows for a clean and dry tent bottom. Porch is excellent for a cooking area and place to leave wet clothing and boots. Tent skin is fully waterproof and tent itself is easy and quick to erect with either one or two adults. We love it.”

Outwell Premium Alabama 7
“We wanted three bedroom pods as we have a girl and boy. I liked the fact that they could share a two-person pod for another year or two, then have a pod each. While they share we can take down the third pod, increasing the living space greatly. We also wanted the 'wet room' area as this is extremely useful given the British weather and the mess produced on beach holidays! The Alabama 7 certainly had more space than we needed, but when it's raining outside it’s nice to be able to be inside and not cramped!”

Outdoor Revolution Ozone 4.4
“I saw it at the shop, it looked good quality, it had features we need such as wide door suitable for a wheelchair, drop down groundsheet suitable for a wheelchair. I liked how bright it was inside, and the size seemed right.”

Outwell Privilege Whitecove 6
“Sister had one and thought it was a beautiful tent size and quality wise. Got tent envy and bought one too! Loved the big windows and bedroom size.”

Vango AirBeam Illusion 800
“Chosen as replacement for previous family sized tent. Vango seem to have most experience in bringing inflatable tents to UK market. This model had enclosed porch and would sleep 6+ adult family.”