Five to six-person tents

Winner: Outwell Regency Collection

Tent Owner Satisfaction Awards logoHighly Commended: Outwell Classic Collection
Highly Commended: Quechua Air Seconds

Note: These are grouped by brand and range (but not model level). Most of the ranges here include tents larger than designated 5-6 person use.

Once again, the lure of the traditional cotton-feel tent has won out here, with both the top two winning ranges being in polycotton. Unsurprisingly, given their overall popularity, it was Outwell tents that topped the league in this mainstream family tent sector – taking not just places one and two but also having a significant presence throughout .

Outwell might be about to regret dropping its Regency Collection for 2016, a range aimed at delivering the benefits of polycotton at lower prices. Having said that, key Regency Newgate models have now been incorporated into the more premium Classic Collection.

Quechua’s Air Seconds line-up includes models designed for four persons and more, going all the way up to the six-person 6.3. As the first part of the name suggests, they’re all inflatable tents, with polyester flysheets.

Score (mean)
Regency range
Classic range
Air Seconds range
Priviledge range
Evoque range
Outback range
Smart tunnal range
DeLuxe Mocca range
Premium range
DeLuxe Green range

You said...

Outwell Classic Wolf Lake 5 (Highly Commended)
“65/35 polycotton, 3 room tent with the right balance of room sizes, bedroom/living/cooking. Also the number and size of windows. Outwell has a good reputation. Polycotton because of its properties.”

Outwell Classic Bear Lake 6 (Highly Commended)
“We already have the Vermont LP, used it four times for two/three nights away and a seven-night break, too. In August we went to a festival and realised how little time was actually spent in our big tent and the size/weight to transport from car to festival site. We returned with all intentions of purchasing a smaller model for use of single nights away and festivals. This model also very much reminded us of our Vermont (which we love). Also the stand up height is a bonus as my husband is over 6ft."

Outwell Montana 6P
“Looked around, compared the build quality with some other tents. We then looked at the size and agreed that the six-person tent was ideal as it had room for us plus two dogs.”

Outwell Preium Vermont LP
“Previously bought a new Outwell Indiana 8. Quality and space were brilliant. Stood up to some really heavy winds and rain on many occasions in Anglesey, North Wales. So, decided to upgrade with another Outwell and this one is also excellent.”

Vango Evoque 600
“We already have an Eclipse 400 in canvas. We need something bigger for the family and in polyester fabric.”

Hi Gear (model not specified)
“Inflatable and probably the largest tent that I could manage comfortable by myself. I also have a friend that has this tent.”

Vango Capri 500XL
“Because it is an AirBeam and it is easy to put up, with me being disabled and my wife not very tall.”

Outwell Smart Air Concorde M
“It’s roomy and easy for me to put up/take down on my own.”

Outwell Smart Air Tomcat Polyester
“I liked the look of the tent, the side entrance with a porch so if it was raining you didn't walk straight in to the living space wet, and the stability of the metal poles and the fact there were only four main poles.”

Outwell Deluxe Oakland XL
“Quality product, my parents have another Outwell tent and I had been impressed by the quality and features of theirs so I replaced my Outdoor Revolution. The main feature of this model for us was the size and the ability to purchase and good quality ground sheet, fitted carpet and extension to the front of the tent increasing the floor space.”

Vango Nadina 600
“Because we have a 15-year-old and a five-year-old and the oldest needed some privacy, while the younger still needed to be in the same room as us to sleep. Also, we wanted a tent that was high enough for us to stand in the bedroom and give us enough headroom when we use our camp beds. The porch in the front gives space in the evenings for us to socialise without waking up our youngest. The living area is big enough for us to live in during raining times!”

Khyam Harewood
“We wanted a tent with enough living space to cope with rain, easy to erect, good in windy weather. Also, a company with a good reputation, and a tent model supported for a good number of years to come. It had to be for a normal sized pitch, we didn't want to be limited to jumbo pitches. It had to fit in the car, and be light enough that I could lift it alone. Also, it had to be in budget. We looked at (Vango) AirBeams and Khyam, and decided on Khyam, as they were cheaper. “