Best Folding Campers

Trailer tents and folding campers

2019: Opus
2018: Pennine


2020: No highly commended brands
2018: Camp-let

2020 Folding Camper Owner Satisfaction Awards update

Our definition: We’ve linked folding campers and trailer tents under a single heading – calling it folding campers to reflect the overall popularity of the type. Both are variants of a wheeled trailer for pulling behind a car or motorbike – a folding camper pitches off-ground while a trailer tent’s main canvas pegs directly into the ground.

Both brands claimed top spot here with 96%.

Such was the dominance of these two brands – in terms of number of responses as well as satisfaction – we have no Highly Commendeds here this time.

However, are there signs of a comeback for folding campers/trailer tents? With total annual sales typically in the low thousands for new models, it was interesting to note some 36% of our responses were from purchase in 2018 and a further 34% were bought in 2019.

Please note: This was a new category for the Tent Survey from 2018, covering trailer tents and folding campers. We’ve changed the category name to folding campers this year, to reflect the significantly higher response (and, indeed, winners both past and present) of the type.

2019 Tent Owner Satisfaction Awards update

Folding campers (including trailer tents) is a tiny, yet significant, sector in the whole tent market, hence its inclusion here.

This year’s winner, Opus, scored 93% for overall satisfaction. By far its most popular model was its flagship, the Full Monty.

Last year’s winner, Pennine scored 90% this time.

Best trailer tents 2018 league table

Other brands reported on here include Cabanon, Camp-let, Conway, Raclet, Sunncamp and Trigano.

Please note: This was a new category for the Tent Survey last year, covering trailer tents and folding campers.