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#3 Choosing a motorhome

#3 #3 Choosing a motorhome


There's greater choice than ever in the motorhome market, with a wide variety of manufacturers having representation in the UK. With such a choice of what will be both your means of transport and accommodation, it pays to take time, do your research and have a good look around before you make that final decision to buy.

This Data Sheet is aimed primarily at those who are new to motorhomes. Whether you're buying new or secondhand, and whatever your budget, this Data Sheet is a starting point, giving basic guidelines on the key aspects involved in making sure you buy the right unit for you. A great way to find out more, speak to like-minded individuals and to get out exploring is to join the Club

Types of motorhome

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You'll have already noticed motorhomes come in many different shapes and sizes. Here are a few of the main types:

Panel van conversions: These are vans with little in the way of exterior modifications (save the addition of extra windows, usually) whose interiors have been kitted out for camping, which is why they are also called campervans. Most panel van conversions have limited headroom unless the original fixed roof is replaced with a high-top roof or an elevating roof where hinged roof sections, with canvas or solid sides, lift up for extra headroom and/or beds when on site. The advantage of elevating roofs is they can keep the vehicle at a height to enable it to access car parks with height barriers.