Trailer tent safety

Make sure your holiday doesn’t end in disaster!

“Our trailer tent awning ripped during a storm!”

“We had a serious cooking disaster and our trailer tent caught fire!”

“We came back from a shopping trip only to find that our trailer tent had been stolen from our driveway!”

“On the way to our campsite we had an accident - someone drove into the back of our trailer tent!”

Trailer tents are a great alternative to a tent or a caravan. They really are the best of both worlds and many people who’ve chosen this ‘middle option’ never look back because they find that the flexibility offered, really suits their needs.

But what if something goes wrong?

It is important, therefore, to plan ahead a little and think about what could potentially go wrong with your home from home and what you can do to reduce any risk of your holiday being spoilt. Take a look at our trailer tent help and advice section for important safety tips and trailer tent checklists.

As part of this you need to ensure you have the right trailer tent insurance in place. Created by members for members, Club Care Insurance provides cover for all types of trailer tents regardless of origin, age or value. Club Care’s policy also includes loss of use cover of up to £3,500 should your trailer tent become uninhabitable.

Club Care’s trailer tent insurance policy also includes up to £5m in public liability cover, full European cover and replacement cover for equipment or personal effects you keep in your trailer tent.

In the event of a claim, the excess is just £75 which means you can enjoy your holiday knowing, should anything go wrong, it will be taken care of by the professionals.