All about motorhome storage: CaSSOA gold sites, discounts and protection

Storage is a big factor in many different types of insurance, and Motorhome Insurance is no exception. During the summer season, when we generally use our motorhomes the most, security and safe storage isn’t as high on our list of priorities as it is in, say, winter.

With more advanced security products and schemes, theft of motorhomes isn’t as prevalent as it has been in the past. However, making sure our motorhomes are securely stored when not in use means that we can carry on enjoying them without the stress and hassle of dealing with theft, burglary, and vandalism.

So, where are the best places to store motorhomes and what are the benefits of each?

Home storage

Of course, there is the option to store your motorhome at home, as it offers easier access should you wish to pop away at short notice – if you have the space at your property, of course. It’s worth noting, however, that a motorhome does need to be stored within the boundaries of your property: storing it on the road may affect your insurance premium, cover and terms.

Storing at home can also be a bit of a ‘postcode lottery’, and your premiums will very much depend on where you live. For example, living in a city centre is generally associated with an increase in insurance premiums.

Even if you do have storage space at home, it may still be worth investing some time in looking at the benefits of choosing a secure storage facility. While these sites are not all recognised equally, selecting a site through the Caravan Storage Site Owners’ Association (CaSSOA) can give you peace of mind that security at the site has been independently verified.

The Caravan Storage Site Owners’ Association (CaSSOA)

CaSSOA was established over 17 years ago to help minimise the theft of caravans by promoting high levels of security. The nationally recognised body offers a three-tiered system of standards to grade storage sites, ranging from gold – awarded to member sites with the highest standards of security – through to bronze rated sites catering for entry level members, while still offering variable levels of security.

Accreditation is based on a points system, taking a number of different factors into account. The security of the site is checked, including perimeter fencing, access control, the exit/entry system, CCTV, alarms, and fire protection. On-site facilities are also rated. While most sites joining CaSSOA start out with a bronze rating, the organisation actively guides their member sites, helping them to quickly achieve silver, and then gold status.

CaSSOA sites have proven to be excellent in reducing theft and motorhome insurance companies can recognise this fact with a premium discount if you choose to store your motorhome at one of them.

These premium discounts will depend on the grade of site you select, and the best offers apply when you choose to store your motorhome at a gold rated site. For instance, with Club Care insurance, you’ll benefit from up to 10% discount for storing your motorhome at a gold rated site, or up to 5% off when storing at a silver rated site. As more than half of the 500 CaSSOA storage sites in the UK are gold rated, there are many opportunities to take advantage of those discounts.

Choosing your CaSSOA storage site

The CaSSOA site that’s right for your motorhome will depend on a number of things. Security, and by extension site rating, is a major factor, but the location and proximity of the site to your home will also be a deciding factor. Additionally, your budget and the value of your motorhome will also come into play.

For instance, if you have an older motorhome and you’re just looking for a space to keep it, rather than making security your priority, then a bronze site could be the better option. Likewise, if your motorhome is valuable, a gold site may well be the best option. It really depends on what exactly you’re after.

Recommendations from fellow motorhome owners may also help you to select a suitable site, therefore it’s always worth reading customer reviews.

Safe storage and security devices – protecting motorhomes and reducing insurance premiums

The tried and tested rating system used by CaSSOA can give us great insight into the security measures that make a difference when storing our motorhomes. These can be grouped into two key areas:


  • Sufficient lighting: making sure there are no dark areas for thieves to use to their advantage
  • CCTV: acting as a deterrent, and ensuring evidence of any criminal activity is captured on camera


  • Entry and exit points: checking routes into and out of the facility
  • Security: ensuring gates are adequate and that they are kept locked
  • Space: checking the amount of space between motorhomes to minimise risk of fire

Of course, wherever you store your motorhome, there will be additional security measures you can put into place, but these are the minimum requirements you should be thinking about. What’s more, your security devices could bring you further discounts on your insurance premiums. In fact, Club Care offers a discount for installing a tracking system.

Opting for good quality insurance choosing a gold rated storage site, and selecting top of the range security measures can all seem expensive, but investing in the best possible options can help safeguard both your leisure time and your motorhome, and provide you with a few discounts along the way.