Motorhome owners... this is your life!

With so many people taking time out each year to enjoy holidays in their motorhomes, Club Care Insurance wanted to find out a little bit more about motorhome owners and what makes them tick.

We carried out a survey asking over 5,000 motorhome owners about their travels, holiday memories, favourite brands and purchasing preferences, and we found some very interesting results. So, motorhome owners… this is your life!

motorhomers this is your life infographic

Some highlights from the survey results are as follows:

  • More than 12% of respondents currently drive an Auto-Sleeper & 13% are likely to buy an Auto-Sleeper next time.
  • Motorhome owners have noted the most aspirational motorhome to own to be a Hymer.
  • The most popular UK holiday destination for motorhome holidays is the Scottish Highlands.
  • The most popular European holiday destination for motorhome holidays is France.
  • If motorhomers could holiday anywherein the world, they would holiday in New Zealand.
  • 53% of motorhome owners will purchase their next vehicle from a local dealer, and 45% will buy a pre-owned model as opposed to choosing a new model or being undecided.