Motorhome insurance for winter sports holidays

For the motorhome owner with a passion for winter sports, there’s nothing like going on a skiing or snowboarding holiday in your motorhome. Before you go, though, it’s vital to have the correct insurance.

As you will know, Motorhome Insurance is a legal requirement, with basic levels of cover similar to those for Car Insurance. There are however significant differences between Motorhome Insurance and Car Insurance.

With a Car Insurance policy, the level of contents cover is normally not sufficient. This is an important consideration, especially when you’re carrying skis, or other expensive winter sports gear.

Winter driving issues

There are plenty of considerations motorhome holidaymakers need to take into account when setting off on a winter sports holiday. These may affect the type of insurance policy that’s right for you.

Although roads may be cleared and gritted, the presence of snow and ice is hazardous and increases the risk of having an accident, so it’s essential to take precautions: Fit winter tyres to your motorhome before you embark on your trip, and take a set of snow chains with you, too. Having winter tyres and/or carrying snow chains (and using them, where directed) is a legal requirement in some European countries: in France, for example, snow chains must be fitted when driving on roads covered with snow. It’s wise to check the specific requirements for your destination before you set off, to make sure you aren’t mistakenly driving illegally which could result in your insurance being prejudiced.

Breakdowns can happen at any time of the year, of course, but your motorhome battery is put under extra strain during winter months. If you have a breakdown on the road, make sure you stand clear of your vehicle while you wait for assistance to arrive.

Finally, did you know that windscreen damage is behind almost half of all Motorhome Insurance claims? Having the right protection against windscreen damage can help you avoid unnecessary hiccups whilst on holiday.

Which Motorhome Insurance policy is right for me?

Club Care Insurance offers motorhome owners policies with a range of features and benefitsappropriate for winter sports holidays.  

Fully comprehensive insurance with the appropriate personal effects cover is advisable, due to the expensive nature of not only your motorhome, but of your winter sports equipment: i.e. skis, snowboards, etc.

Because of the cold weather and driving conditions you will encounter, breakdown cover is strongly advised (UK and EU breakdown cover, if necessary).

If you are planning to take a winter sports trip abroad, being covered to use your motorhome in Europe is essential. Club Care offers European cover for up to 365 days.

Tailoring your policy to your specific plans will also help keep your costs down. The amount you will pay for your Motorhome Insurance is affected by not only the level of cover you’ll need, but also by the annual mileage, and who will be driving the vehicle.

On long journeys, sharing driving duties with someone else in your family or group is sensible, but putting more drivers on the policy will affect the cost, so make sure only those who will definitely be driving are added. Remember, too, that adding young drivers will further increase the cost.

Consider where you’re going, because more mileage will push up your premium. If you live in the south of England, going skiing in Scotland could mean a round trip of 1000 miles plus. For a trip elsewhere in the EU, the distance will be greater, and of course, you will need European cover. Tell your insurer which countries you are visiting, so that you will have the correct cover in case your motorhome breaks down, or you are involved in an accident.

If all this seems daunting, don’t worry, when speaking to Club Care let our experts guide you through the process, to make sure you are fully covered.

What if you need to make a claim?

If the worst happens, you need to be prepared. Take your insurance certificate and European travel document(s) (Green Card) if travelling to the EU with you when you travel, and put useful phone numbers, such as the claims hotline, into your mobile phone contacts before you set off. This means that, no matter where in the UK or EU you are, you can call your insurer straight away, quote your policy number, and let them arrange everything on your behalf.

When you take out a Club Care Insurance policy through The Camping and Caravanning Club, you are guaranteed an easy and stress-free claims process. There are other benefits, too, such as discounts for Club members.