How to make a claim on your motorhome insurance

The one aspect of motorhome insurance that nobody wants to think about is the biggest reason that you have it - needing to make a claim. Club Care Insurance uses two underwriters for its motorhome insurance: Equity Red Star and Ageas.

If you should find yourself in a situation where you need to claim on your motorhome insurance, then these are the numbers you will need:

Equity Red Star

Accident, fire, theft or vandalism damage - 24-hour claims helpline: 0844 800 1937

Windscreen damage - 24-hour claims helpline: 0844 561 1934

Ageas Insurance Ltd

Accident, fire, theft or vandalism damage - claim line: 0870 240 1895 (or 0044 23 9220 5450 if phoning from outside the UK)

Windscreen damage - glass line: 0800 854 454 (or 0044 23 9220 5450 if phoning from outside the UK). You will need to show the repairer your current certificate of motor insurance when they repair the glass.

Claims procedures

  • Send us written details as soon as possible after any accident, injury, loss or damage.
  • Send us, unanswered, any letter or other communication as soon as you receive it from anyone else involved.
  • Immediately tell us about any prosecution, coroner’s inquest or fatal accident inquiry involving any person covered by this insurance.
  • Give us all the information and help we need.

If you do not know which insurer provides your policy, please call Club Care directly on 01277 243 000 and they will be able to help.

There are many reasons that you will need your insurance, here is some advice on what to do in the immediate aftermath of the most common:

In the event of an accident

After being involved in an accident, regardless of the circumstances, do not admit that you are responsible, negotiate or make any offer, promise or payment without written permission from your insurer. Instead make sure you gather the following details before calling your insurer using the numbers above:

  • The name and contact details of anyone else involved.
  • The insurance details of anyone else involved.
  • The vehicle data of any other vehicles, including the registration number and make of vehicle.
  • The time and date of the accident.
  • Take a note of the conditions at the time - was it raining? What was the visibility like? - and anything else that you feel was a factor in the accident.
  • Take a note of any damage to your own and other vehicles involved.
  • If possible take photographs of the accident to help you remember details later and to use as evidence should you need it.
  • Gather details of any witnesses

In the event of damage caused to your motorhome

If you should discover that your motorhome has been damaged, either through fire, flood, or accidental damage, then follow the steps below before calling your insurer:

  • Make a note of any details that could help your insurers (timeframes of the incident, where the motorhome was when the incident happened, etc).
  • Take photographs of the damage so they can be used as evidence if they are needed.
  • Ask people in the surrounding area to see if they are prepared to act as witnesses.

In the event your motorhome in stolen

If you have your motorhome stolen, then you should follow the steps below:

  • Firstly, contact the police - if you’re holidaying on a site then inform the site owner who will be able to assist you in doing this.
  • Once the police have been informed and you have a crime reference number, contact your insurance company.
  • If you have installed a tracker system, contact the provider to let them know so they can begin to trace where the motorhome is.

In any of the situations above, when you call your insurer, make sure that you have your current certificate of motor insurance with you and confirm:

  • Your policy number or the number shown on your certificate of motor insurance.
  • Your personal details.
  • The personal details of the driver, if you were not driving the motorhome at the time.
  • Full details of what happened.

Please note that the insurer may take control of handling and negotiating any claim. They may also take over the rights of any person covered under the insurance.

There are many benefits to Club Care’s motorhome insurance policies, and the claims procedure is one of them. If you are in a situation where you need to make a claim then our team will be happy to help and sympathetic of your situation; we recognise that a motorhome is both your home and transport when you’re away, so an incident which requires you to make a claim can seem even more traumatic.