Calculating contents insurance

When it comes to finalising a motorhome insurance policy, it’s important that you estimate the value of your belongings correctly. If belongings are stolen from your motorhome but your sums insured don’t cover their value then your insurance policy won’t pay out.

It can be easy to forget the personal items that accumulate in your motorhome overtime, making it easy to undervalue the contents you have. In addition items that you take on holiday like iPods, e-readers and handheld gaming devices all add up, and if you suffer a break-in you could find that they aren’t all covered.

To help, we have put together a checklist to help you make an accurate valuation and list some of the items that can get forgotten. This contents checklist is available for download below; keep it somewhere safe for when your renewal is due!

Contents cover checklist

Contents insurance with Club Care

Our motorhome insurance includes £3,500 of contents cover as standard for all Camping and Caravanning Club members with their motorhome insurance policies.

This cover includes all the items listed above, along with any other personal belongings, equipment (excluding permanent fixtures and fittings) or baggage in your motorhome, and an awning or toilet tent attached to or in the vicinity of the motorhome.

These items would be covered for loss or damage caused by fire, theft, attempted theft or an accident while they are in or on your motorhome.

Claim restrictions

The following generous claim restrictions apply to all Club Care contents insurance policies:

  • Maximum single article limit of £350
  • Maximum claim for portable televisions, radios or cassette players is £350
  • Maximum claim on an awning is £1,500
  • Maximum claim on a toilet tent is £500

A few items that aren’t covered with a Club Care Insurance policy

As with all insurance policies, Club Care would not cover the following items:

  • Money, credit or debit cards, stamps, tickets, vouchers, documents or securities (such as share certificates)
  • Goods or samples carried in connection with any trade or business
  • Mobile phones and satellite navigation systems

Claims would also be invalid under the following circumstances

  • Wear, tear and loss in value
  • Property you leave in your motorhome when it is unoccupied and unlocked, the windows or sunroof are open or the keys are inside or on the motorhome.

Motorhome contents cover from Club Care

Up to £3,500 cover as standard when taking out a motorhome insurance policy for members of The Camping and Caravanning Club.