Euro touring and Caravan Insurance - Important things to remember

If you are planning a caravan touring holiday in Europe, it is important to plan your trip properly and ensure you have everything you need.

Having the right touring caravan insurance is essential as you will need to make sure you are covered for the duration of your trip.


Touring Caravan Insurance

When touring over a long period of time there are a number risks you need to be aware of and that you need to be insured for. Club Care Insurance has been created by members for members and provides a wide range of caravan insurance benefits and can be tailored to meet your needs. Policies can include cover for the contents, awnings and equipment attaching to your touring caravan. To find out more call 01277 243000 or get a quote online today.

Caravan Insurance Documents

You will need driving licenses for all drivers, passports for all travellers and all your vehicle documentation. In addition, take colour photocopies of all your documents and don’t leave the documents relating to your caravan, inside your caravan. Remember to take your caravan insurance policy with you in case you have to contact Club Care Insurance in the event of an incident.


Check that you have the right tools and equipment required by law for each country you will be travelling in (spare bulbs, warning triangles, high-vis jackets, etc.). Check out gas cylinder availability and ensure your fuel supply will be sufficient and safe. Also, contact your mobile network provider and get your mobile ‘phone switched over to European use. Finally, check that the sum insured of your equipment under your touring caravan insurance is adequate.

Journey and stopovers

Ensure you are comfortable when driving on the right (you may find this an even more complicated task when towing) and that you have a realistic idea of travel times. You may decide to plan your route and book your stopovers in advance (with perhaps some flexibility, you are on holiday after all!) or you may decide to leave it to chance. Whatever you decide, it’s a good idea to get all the family involved in your journey and holiday planning. Check that your caravan insurance covers you adequately for the number of days you are away.

Finances and costs

Make sure you have a good idea of fuel and site accommodation costs and then budget accordingly. Ensure also that you have the right amount of Euros or other cash (and traveller’s cheques) to cover your needs.

Caravan towing check

2016caravanbannerSQUAREBefore you depart, undertake a thorough caravan service. Ensure you put aside enough time for this and for any repairs. Ensure caravan weight and load balance is correct, keep an eye on the amount you carry inside and do not exceed the maximum permitted (be guided by your owner’s handbook).

This is just a quick guide to help you plan your European caravan tour. You may also find our caravan help and advice section useful when planning a caravan holiday. Or why not take a look at our travel abroad section full of information about camping in Europe and Worldwide with Carefree?

Wherever you go and whatever you do, we want you to have a fantastic and memorable holiday – we just want it to be memorable for all the right reasons!

Club Care insurance’s friendly team of advisers will ensure you have the right touring caravan insurance cover to meet your needs. To find out more contact Club Care on 01277 243000 or go to