Caravan theft prevention

How caravan theft prevention can impact your caravan insurance policy

Apart from buying a house, purchasing and maintaining a caravan is likely to be one of the biggest investments you will make.

Whilst it has been reported that caravan theft has reduced, it remains a common occurrence and costs insurers millions of pounds in claims each year. Last year alone it is suggested that 1,200 caravans were stolen in the UK, therefore, it is important to do all you can to minimise the possibility of your caravan being stolen.

Although not a legal requirement, you should always make sure that your caravan is insured, just in case. Our insurance arm, Club Care, offer discounted rates to those who have taken steps to prevent caravan theft, so with a little bit of time and a small investment, putting caravan theft prevention measures in place is worthwhile.

It is quite straightforward for example, to fit a number of security devices that make it harder for your caravan to be broken into or towed away. These include:

Window and door locks

Your first port of call for caravan theft prevention is to ensure that all windows and the door to your caravan are maintained to a high standard. Check that they can be locked firmly and securely and if required, add or replace locks. You can also buy additional over-locks that cover the standard locks.

Impact on your caravan insurance policy:

If you have not secured your unit properly then cover for your contents and personal effects may be declined in the event of a claim. Most insurers will decline claims for theft from the caravan unless it can be demonstrated that ‘forcible’ and ‘violent’ means were used to enter the caravan.

Hitch locks

A hitch lock is one of the most popular caravan security additions. As the name suggests they cover and lock your hitching mechanism so that no one else can hook up your caravan and tow it away.

Impact on your caravan insurance policy:

It is a minimum requirement of most insurers that when your caravan is left unattended that either a wheel clamp or a hitch lock is fitted. Many insurers will decline to pay the claim if these minimum security requirements are not observed. At Club Care we will simply increase the excess.

Wheel locks

Wheel locks are devices that are attached to the wheel of your caravan to demobilise it. There are a number of models available. Some cover the wheel and some lock the wheel through gaps in the wheel. Not all wheel locks are suitable for all caravans so ensure you buy an appropriate make.

Impact on your caravan insurance policy:

Fitting certain accredited devices can mean a substantial saving on your caravan insurance premium. Club Care will give you a 20% caravan insurance saving for fitting either an AL-KO secure wheel lock - Diamond accredited by Sold Secure - or the Winterhoff (formally BPW or SAS Diamond) wheel lock. In addition if your caravan is stolen and protected by an ‘Approved Security Device’, which is in force and fitted at the time the caravan is stolen there will be no excess to pay.

Tracking devices

Tracking devices represent a hi-tech approach to caravan security. These electronic boxes are hidden within the structure of the caravan. Although operating systems vary, the majority of them electronically report the whereabouts of the vehicle by sending a signal back to a central control room. If you have a pro-active tracking device and the caravan is moving without your knowledge, the central control room will then contact you and depending on your response, the police can be called. Due to the nature of the technology involved, these caravan theft prevention devices are more expensive than simple immobilisers and they can also involve an airtime cost.

Impact on your caravan insurance policy:

Pro-active tracking devices have a proven track record in recovering stolen caravans. Because of this, insurers are prepared to give a substantial caravan insurance saving. With Club Care we will give a premium discount of up to 20% for fitting a pro-active tracking device.

Caravan Alarms

An alarm, especially one that emits a startling noise when activated, can be a very useful tool in preventing caravan theft.

Impact on your caravan insurance policy:

Some insurers will give a small discount for having an alarm.

Caravan Security Checklist

Caravan Security Checklist

  1. Security post
  2. Hitch lock
  3. Number etched on windows
  4. High security caravan door lock
  5. Brightly coloured wheel clamp
  6. Lock down corner steadies
  8. Items inside marked with postcode
  9. Reliable alarm system
  10. Record serial numbers and descriptions of interior fittings

Remember - security devices reduce insurance costs

Fitting simple caravan security devices as mentioned above is important and can safeguard your policy as well as reduce the cost of your caravan insurance.

Club Care touring caravan insurance has been especially created by members of The Camping and Caravanning Club for members. Club Care Insurance offers bespoke caravan insurance giving you all the protection you need at a competitive price.

It is clear then, that fitting a range of security devices to your caravan has significant benefits. You’ll have increased peace of mind knowing that your holiday is less likely to be spoilt by theft, and you’ll also reap the additional benefit of reduced insurance costs.