Caravan Insurance checks to make before your holiday

If you're planning a caravanning holiday, whether at home or abroad, don’t forget to check your insurance policy to make sure you’re covered.

If you currently have a Touring Caravan Insurance policy, you should start by taking a look over your documents to check your level of cover, in case you need to make any changes before your holiday begins. And if you don’t have caravan insurance, we think it’s a good idea to buy before you leave.

There are three key points to consider when checking or buying caravan insurance to make sure you’re covered whilst on holiday, and these are:

1. Do you need your caravan to be covered overseas?

If you are considering taking your caravanning holiday a little further afield this year, you will need to make sure that your unit is covered for travelling overseas.

Lots of touring caravan insurance policies don't offer cover whilst travelling abroad, but it can often be added if needed. If this is the case with your insurance provider, and there’s no mention of cover whilst abroad in your documents, call their help centre to discuss adding this to your policy. Similarly, lots of insurance providers will limit the number of days or locations that they will cover you whilst abroad, so always check that your cover is sufficient for your holiday plans.

Club Care Insurance, our insurance arm, offers up to 365 days of European cover

2. Does your policy include breakdown cover?

The next insurance consideration that you should bear in mind before your getaway is your breakdown cover, as breaking down in an area that you don’t know well can be an unsettling experience and an unwelcome holiday memory.

Your current car insurance may already include breakdown cover, but it could be an addition that you need to organise before you go away to make sure that your touring caravan is also included. This is important not only for your safety, but also for financial reasons as if you do break down without cover it could be costly, especially if you’re travelling abroad!

Arrival, our specialist breakdown service provided by the RAC, will ensure that both your car and caravan are rescued in the event of a breakdown.

3. Are your security features working?

Finally, you should always check that your safety and security features are in good working order before you travel, as it could have an impact on your insurance policy if they aren’t fully functional. You'll have told your insurance provider about any additional security features, so if any of them aren’t working, you must tell them before you go on holiday.

Once you're happy that your Touring Caravan Insurance will cover you effectively for your holiday, you can drive off into the sunset with your caravan in tow and complete peace of mind! 

Club Care Caravan Insurance

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