5 tips to improve your insurance premium

The importance of taking out insurance for caravanning and camping holidays speaks for itself — you are covered against loss or damage. The right type of cover is equally important, too, but we ideally want this at the fairest possible price.

Your insurance premiums are calculated according to the price of your caravan or tent. However, there are several other factors involved that can have an influence, too, including whether you have new-for-old or market value cover; your claims history, and the security of your caravan.

Improving your security can directly lower your premium, and, because it will reduce the chance of a claim being made, it could save you money when you come to renew your policy. So, here are six invaluable ways you can be more security savvy.

1. Locking up

Perhaps the most common sense security measure is to keep your doors and windows locked when you are away from your caravan. This will deter thieves, and thereby reduce the possibility of a claim being made. It may seem trivial to include this, but it’s an oversight that occurs more often than it should.

It’s an important inclusion because, if you left your caravan unlocked when you go out and returned to find anything missing, you would not be covered. Lock up to avoid having to pay for replacements out of your own pocket.

If you have a tent, keep it zipped up when you’re away from it. A tent is, of course, much less secure than a caravan, but if it is closed, an opportunist is more likely to be dissuaded against a snatch and grab job.

2. Take an inventory and mark your possessions

Do you know exactly what’s in your caravan, or what you’re taking on your camping trip? If you don’t, you might not be able to take full advantage of your policy in the event of a claim.

If your caravan is broken into, and your possessions are stolen, you need to be sure that you can claim for everything you’ve lost. What if you simply forgot you had taken a certain item with you, and then didn’t claim for it, only to realise later that it had gone?

Avoid any doubt over what has been lost by taking an inventory of all your possessions and photographing them. Also, mark everything with Smartwater, a forensic property marking chemical, or use an ultraviolet pen to write your postcode on your possessions, so if any of your stolen items are later recovered by the police, they can be identified. Mark your tent or the roof of your caravan, and etch your caravan’s windows, too.

3. Immobilise your caravan

When you arrive at your campsite, keep your caravan firmly in place by using a hitch lock and a wheel lock. These two devices will make it difficult for anyone to steal your caravan, and less likely to make a claim as a result.

A hitch lock will mean that you pay a lower excess should your caravan is stolen. A wheel lock is certain to save you money on your premium, because there is a discount of up to 20% for using an AL-KO secure wheel lock or Winterhoff wheel lock — so make sure that you do.

A further deterrent to thieves is an alarm. Having a factory-fitted alarm can knock another 5% off your premium through Club Care Insurance.

4. Fit a tracking device

Should locks or immobilisers fail to stop your caravan being stolen, you can find out where it is if you have a proactive tracking device fitted. This kind of tracker puts out an alert as soon as your caravan is stolen, so you will immediately know its location, and the police will be able to find it.

Having a proactive tracking device can give you a discount of up to 20% on your premium, so it’s a great way to make a big saving.

5. Think about storage

Finally, think about where you store your caravan when it’s not in use. Choosing a CaSSOA accredited site can reduce your premium by 10% (for silver sites) or 20% (for gold sites). 

These sites have protected perimeters, lockable gates, monitored entry and exit, CCTV, and other security measures. Storing your caravan at such a site will give you peace of mind, as well as a saving on your premium.

Pay the same attention to security when choosing a campsite or caravan site for your holiday, too. If you’re pitching your tent or unhitching your caravan at a place that has security features such as those used on CaSSOA sites, you will feel much more at ease when you’re leaving your tent or caravan to explore the local area.

Discounts for security are applied cumulatively, enabling you to make big savings. To find out more, contact Club Care Insurance.