Insurance considerations of re-siting your caravan holiday home

Caravan Holiday Home Insurance is not a legal requirement, but with the high value of your holiday home, it is always advisable that you take out a specialist caravan holiday home insurance policy.

Our insurance arm, Club Care Insurance offers specialist Caravan Holiday Home Insurance policies with exclusive member benefits and a unique understanding of life as a static caravan owner. We know that you’ll occasionally need to re-site your holiday home as a result of an insured loss.

For this reason, we have outlined the main insurance considerations that you should bear in mind when required to re-site.

1. Does your new caravan holiday home site require you to insure your unit?

Wherever you are re-siting your caravan holiday home, it is likely that the site owners will require you to have comprehensive insurance for your unit. It’s not a legal requirement, but many parks will ask to see proof of your insurance before you move your unit.

When re-siting due to insured loss, you therefore need to assess the requirements of your chosen location and ensure that your unit is covered to the level required by yourself and your site owner. If you find that your policy doesn’t do so, you will need to contact your insurance provider to extend this cover. If you don’t currently insure your caravan holiday home, more often than not you will need to buy a policy to adhere to site requirements before you re-site your unit. Club Care Insurance offers specialist static caravan static caravan insurance policies with extensive cover at a competitive price.

2. Who will be responsible for re-siting costs?

Another consideration if re-siting your caravan holiday home is the cost that is involved in doing so.

Costs incurred when re-siting are often attributed to the following:

  • The removal and disposal of debris
  • The disconnection and reconnection of services
  • The reinstatement of the pitch 
  • The transportation of your holiday home to its location

These will be applicable whether re-siting out of choice or as required due to an insured loss.

Depending on your insurance provider, some or all of these costs may be covered within your policy. However, cheaper non-specialist Caravan Holiday Home Insurance policies are unlikely to cover re-siting costs as standard, so it is important to thoroughly check your insurance documents. Other insurance providers may ask you to identify a cost for re-siting and tailor your policy to this, but it can be difficult to estimate costs. They can be anywhere in the region of £1,500 to £5,000, depending on a range of variables, such as the extent of damage caused and any transportation requirements.

To ensure you are covered for re-siting, our advice would be to select a specialist Caravan Holiday Home Insurance provider who will include cover for these costs as standard in their policies. Caravan Holiday Home Insurance from Club Care includes re-siting costs and debris removal in the event of an insured loss as standard.