Essential campervan precautions for a safe holiday

Essential campervan precautions for a safe watersports holiday.

Are you one of those people who, instead of lounging on a beach, longs to be out surfing on the waves? Do you avoid sightseeing tours in favour of sailing, water-skiing, or scuba diving in a nearby ocean, or watersports centre? 

For the adrenalin junkies among you, setting out in your campervan for a dedicated watersports holiday is an absolute treat, but there are things to consider — in advance and during your travels — to make sure you have the best possible holiday.

Such a holiday has a whole host of benefits: you can improve your fitness, see some stunning beaches and waves, and learn new skills. You can indulge in your favourite sporting activities on your own, or participate in a group, and it can be a great way of introducing children to watersports activities.

Where to go on a watersports holiday

When you are planning a watersports holiday in your campervan, you first need to choose your destination. It needs to be somewhere you are comfortable driving to, so consider looking at trips around the UK, or in France or Spain, to start with.

There are plenty of beautiful destinations with exciting watersports to participate in, so do your research, and start to narrow down the different destinations, based on:

  1. The selection of watersports activities available
  2. The details of the nearby campsites where you could be based
  3. Any other priorities you have for your holiday, such as other available activities, weather considerations, or a thriving nightlife.

Some potential destinations to consider include Montpellier, Barcelona, Brittany, Scotland, the Lake District, or Cornwall.

Activities that might be available include sailing, kayaking, water-skiing, scuba-diving, wind-surfing, canoeing, or white water rafting. Look at the campsites that are close to the activities you want to take part in, and compare the facilities for your campervan.

How to prepare for a watersports holiday in your campervan

It seems obvious, but you need to be a confident swimmer before you should embark on any watersports activities. It is advised that children are able to swim 25 metres unaided, and everyone who’s going needs to be comfortable in a life jacket, too. Get as fit as you can before you go so that you’re ready to make the best of the exciting and strenuous activities you want to excel in.

Just as you need to prepare yourself, it is also important to prepare your campervan so that you have the best possible experience. The last thing you want to have to deal with is a breakdown on your travels, so make sure your campervan is in tip-top condition before you set off. Have a full service of the vehicle so that faults can be spotted and remedied, well in advance of setting off.

Next, make sure that your campervan insurance is sufficient to cover you while you’re away, and print off all the relevant documents you may need, especially if you’re travelling abroad. Keep them safe while you’re away.

Does your insurance have windscreen cover? Legal expenses cover? A 24-hour helpline? Take the phone number with you in case you can’t connect to the internet in the event of an accident. Our campervan insurance, will cover you and your campervan throughout the UK and Europe, so you can feel confident that any troublesome situations will be handled well, should the worst happen.

Finally, think about the precautions you need to take. For instance, you might need to take equipment, such as surfboards, so do you know how to use a roof box or trailer on your van? Do you need to take out marine insurance to cover your own boat, canoe, or kayak during your travels?

Always check with your insurance company whether add-ons like these will affect your insurance coverage. You may need to pay extra to cover equipment that is worth a lot of money, but a lot of existing policies will cover more inexpensive sports gear.
A watersports holiday is an exciting adventure for individuals or families and, if you want to enjoy your trip in your campervan, with a bit of preparation, you can have a wet and wild time in this country, or abroad.